Monday, June 29, 2020

Still Unpacking

I didn't do a lot of sewing this week but I did unpack all the large pictures and even hung a few pictures. Most of them are placed in the spot I think I want them to be but am not brave enough to put a hole in the wall yet.

I also took a truck load of goodies to my niece and another truck load of stuff to the animal humane society thrift store. I can almost move around my garage and there might even be an empty shelf.

I finished the disappearing nine patch quilt top.

I really like how this turned out. It is about 66 x 78 inches. Best part is it is all made from stash scraps. All of the fabric in this quilt has been in at least one or more other quilts. I still have a few blocks that wouldn't fit in this quilt that I'll make into a baby quilt. I want it all gone!

I'm still learning about the plants in my back yard. Here are a few pictures I took:

Pink/purple hydrangea.

Blue hydrangea...this bloom is huge!

I've always called this plant an elephant's ear. I love the tall blooms on it.

And the Hosta's are blooming.

No goals for this week. Jayme is coming up to visit and I don't know how much sewing I'll be able to do. Have a great 4th of July.

Monday, June 22, 2020

It's getting hot!

It is suppose to be 98 degrees tomorrow. Too hot!! I melt when it's hot. I am very glad I'm not in California. Roseville has already had 3-4 days over 100 and it is supposed to over a 100 there for the next 3 days. Yikes!

Last week was the third Friday in June (again Yikes where does the time go) so I hustled and quilted the whale quilt so I could turn it at the Kiwanis Quilts for Kids meeting.

Simple quilting, mostly straight line frames. I in-the-ditch stitched around the whale applique and then tried some FMQ "water" in the background. It was supposed to be a working / sewing meeting but I was the only person who stayed and sewed (binding). 

My mom asked for some coasters for her bedroom that coordinate with her quilt. When I dug out the scraps I had just enough for the coasters and a small table topper.

Probably should have quilted the center of the table topper but really didn't feel like it. It is doubtful that she will ever wash it so it's probably okay.

My goal for this week is to finish piecing the sports themed quilt. I have all but two rows of blocks sewn together, and half of the rows are already sewn together so it shouldn't take long to finish the top.

I also want to finish setting up my quilt frame so I can quilt the sports quilt before the third Friday in July.


Monday, June 15, 2020

Quilt Retreat


I spent last week at a quilt retreat at the Girl Scout camp in Somerset, CA. Which is somewhere up a very narrow, very windy road in El Dorado County.

We practiced social distancing...

There were twelve of us and everyone got their own table to work at. We had to take our temperature everyday also.  Most of us were dead with a temp of 90 degrees or less.

I forgot to take a picture of the bunks where we slept and I got eaten up by something (either fleas or spiders, cause mosquitoes don't like me).

Nancy taught a Stack and Whack class to seven of the ladies. Here are a few...

This one was made using the panel in the center. I would have never given the panel a second look but I LOVE this quilt.

The retreat was a half day Monday, I started a disappearing nine patch. I made and cut all the blocks.

 (laid it out on my design floor yesterday)

A full day Tuesday. Worked on my General Jack quilt. Got the center done, the next round of stars partially pieced and about 2/3 of the bazillion 1.5 inch HST for the outer border squared up.

Wednesday was another full day. I started another quilt called Sunny Lanes from The Big Book of Nickel Quilts. I used charm squares from a clearance kit I purchased 10+ years ago. I never liked the original pattern and have been trying to find the right pattern ever since.

160 HST that still need to be squared up and 160 four patches.

Thursday was another half day for Nancy and I. I cut and pressed all of the Sunny Lane HST and four patches.

It's amazing how much sewing / piecing can be accomplished when there is no internet service and barely any cell service.

The year is more than half over - wow - someone commented today about how fast time flies when you are not having fun - I thought that was very funny and very appropriate for this year.


Tuesday, June 2, 2020


I finished quilting two table runners last week.

I quilted wonky oak leaves in the center of the quilt and in the border. Still have to hand sew the binding down.

These were extra blocks from a quilt Nancy made (many) years ago. She made the table runner and I volunteered to quilt it.

I've been wanting to try lines on a quilt. Since this table topper had fabric with wavy lines, I tried to create something similar to the fabric. I used a variegated thread which normally my Juki hates.

I will not be posting next week as I will be at a quilt retreat with friends and no internet.

Monday, May 25, 2020

This and That

Well I got my fabric unpacked and the quilt frame kinda sorta put back together...

Uneventful huh? I have to order new tracks for the sewing machine carriage. I'll do that this week. Hopefully the Grace Company still has replacement parts for this frame as they no longer sell it.

Do you plan out a room? I measured, grid out the room and furniture, then started moving things around on paper. MUCH easier on my back than physically moving everything all over. I decided the best place for the frame was smack in the middle of the room.

I spent a lot of time in my sewing room this week but didn't do much sewing. As I was unpacking fabric I pulled all the white/off-white/shirting fabrics and sorted them by size. I went through all the white/off-white scraps and cut them up into 10 inch squares, 5 inch strips or squares and 2.5 inch strips or squares.

Then, because they have been driving me nuts for the last few months, I did the same 10 inch squares, 5 inch strips or squares and 2.5 inch strips or squares with all the scraps from all the quilts I've made since I moved into the house.

THEN, I did the same thing with a bag of fabric a friend of my mom's gave me. Whew! All of them had odd chunks cut out. Most of them I'll never use, but I thought if they were nicely cut up someone at my guild might be interested in them.

I didn't get the whale quilt pinned. I cut the backing but found it was just a few inches too narrow. I cut strips to make it little bit larger but then realized it is a directional fabric...if I add the strip will it look strange? Maybe off center?

Or should I use one of the other fabrics in the picture?

I did start quilting the fall table runner.

Almost all of the in-the-ditch quilting is done. Now I have to figure out what else...meandering in the cream? leaves in the border?

The light I use on my cutting table is a halogen - it gives off a lot of heat. Bella loves it.

My darling kitty caught a lizard in the garage yesterday and promptly brought it in the house - still alive (barely). It took a bit to capture her then the lizard. I don't know if he lived or not but he is gone from where I dumped him in the yard.

This little jack rabbit has been living in my front yard the last few days - although I haven't seen him today. As long as he eats the weeds he can stay as long as he wants.

Monday, May 18, 2020

Squirrel Whales and Frogs

The new carpet has been installed! I'm such a happy camper. This isn't the best is soft and cushy. I want to spend the whole day barefoot. It is the last big project for the new house. Now I have no excuses not to unpack fabric, set up the quilt frame and hang pictures.

Lincoln's Sampler has binding, and been washed. The binding is a very dark brown with gold flecks that match the back. Love it. This picture really doesn't do the colors justice.

Friday southern Oregon began Phase 1 of reopening. On Friday morning I was checking to see if there was going to be a guild meeting today, Monday. I noticed there was a Project Linus meeting scheduled Friday afternoon - the group has less than 25 people. No guild meeting - too many people.  I've been thinking about looking into Project Linus and decided to attend the meeting Friday afternoon. We did practice social distancing. Those ladies were busy in quarantine. One had 17 tied quilts and another had over 35 crochet edge polar fleece blankets.

Turns out the group is no longer Project Linus. It is now sponsored by the local Kiwanis Club so it is going by the name of Quilts for Kidz. The coordinator had three tables full of stuff, all donated. One had fabric / yarn that anyone could take, as long as it was brought back in quilt/blanket form. The second had larger pieces of fabric that could be used for backs, as long as it was brought back in quilt form. The third was non-cotton fabric and other things that couldn't be used for quilts or were more craft type things. The coordinator wanted all of that stuff gone and she didn't want it back, she didn't even want to have to pack it up and take it home again. Anything left over was going to another donation center. Of course the third table called my name.

Two of the items on the table were these hand appliqued whale blocks. Based on the fabric it looks like they might have been made in the 1980's or 90's. The whales need eyes.

Where does the squirrel come in? I Googled whale quilts late Friday night hoping I could find the original pattern and layout. Nope. But I found a quilt top I liked that had whale fabric in it.  I liked the simple 4 block layout.

My squirrel moment? I finished this about 11:30 p.m. Saturday (the whales still need eyes). It should not have take long. For such an incredibly simple quilt I kept screwing it up. It only has 26 seams, yet I managed to have to frog (ribbit (rip-it)) 9 of them...some of them twice. I'll get it quilted this week - and add eyes. It is about 42 inches square.

There were a few other items on the table that I took. Including this finished quilt. Another quilt that only it's maker could truly love.

This twin sized quilt with an attached dust ruffle is hand pieced and hand quilted. It is also made of two double knit fabrics. I'm guessing it was probably made in the 1970s. I think the ruffle is percale, probably an old sheet. I don't know why but I had to bring it home. There were also the beginnings of two pillow shams in the bag with the quilt.

I don't think it had ever been used. I've already washed the quilt and cut off the ruffle. I plan to "bind" it using the ruffle fabric then donate it back. When I talked to the group coordinator she mentioned that if she received a quilt that she thought was not appropriate for a kid, she would donate the quilt to a local dialysis or oncology center. Someone put a lot of work into the quilt, hopefully it will find a good home.

I have more treasures that I brought home. I'll show them off as I get quilts made from them.

Monday, May 11, 2020


Well, the quilting is done. It is easier to see from the back...

 I binge watched two seasons of The Rookie to get it done.

There were a bazillion starts and stops. So far I haven't found any puckers in the front or back. Now I need to go over the front and back to remove all the thread - I backstitched all the starts and stops so I don't need to bury the threads. I haven't made the binding yet. Still haven't decided what color / fabric to use.

I'm so excited!! The carpet installers will be here tomorrow morning!