Monday, September 30, 2019

I'm Here

Moving is not fun. Half of my belongings are in this trailer in storage, and the other half is in my mom's garage. It will be roughly six weeks (cross your fingers) before I can move into my new house.

In the meantime I've set up a sewing station at my mom's. Don't you love the little side table, I got it at a garage sale.

I have been able to do a little bit of sewing, I'm even further along than this picture shows. One more strip and I'll be able to start laying out the blocks.

At the same garage sale I bought this beautiful little quilt. The label on the back dates it to November 1998.

Look at those points! And how small the pieces are! The quilt is 18 inches square.

I think it may have been paper pieced. I'd love to find the pattern and make a new version. I wonder how difficult it is to draw your own paper piecing templates?

Monday, September 9, 2019

Moving Stuff

I've been taking truckloads of boxes and stuff up to my mom's for the last five months. Yesterday I moved fabric...

and more a few finished quilts.

What you don't see is that the truck is a cab plus and the plus was also full of fabric, the Juki sewing machine and other odd sewing room stuff.

My mom definitely loves me. Instead of hauling everything down to the basement as originally planned, she decided we should stack everything in her dining room. What you don't see is the other side of dining room which has large tote boxes stacked up.

Ha, ha, ha, you didn't think that was all my fabric did you? I'll be taking another load up Thursday.

Monday, September 2, 2019

What day is it?

The house sold again. This time I think it will stick. Escrow closes on September 26 so I am doing some serious packing. I took a load up to my mom's this past weekend and will probably take at least one load a week. My poor little truck is starting to have some mileage - I bought it three years ago, it is a 2001 Toyota Tacoma. When I bought it it had about 34k miles on it, now it has a little over 40k. It is a very basic truck, manual transmission, manual locks, and manual window handles - when was the last time you had to turn a handle to lower the windows? It is a cab plus so it does has a little bit of extra room. Right now I don't know what I'd do without it.

There are so many little things that need to get taken care of, making repairs to the house (or hiring someone to do the repairs), changes of address, homeowners insurance, scheduling movers (can you say $$$), open enrollment for medical insurance; cancelling utilities, cancelling TV/internet; and trying to see friends one last time before I leave for Oregon. I have lists, multiple lists.

I'll be staying at my mom's for 6-8 weeks until my new house is available, then I'm sure there will be more lists.

I'm trying to say positive and think all the possibilities of the new house.  Which room should be my sewing room? The office with all the built-in selves and cabinets?

Or the smaller bedroom with lots of windows? (tried to talk the seller into leaving the vintage Dresden quilt and treadle sewing machine but she said no)

Or both? The quilt frame and Juki will go in one of the rooms and the little Bernina in the other.

Bella was so helpful, she packed herself in this box. She then tried to eat it.

I have had time to sew a bit in the evenings. Making very slow progress on the log cabin blocks.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Staying Positive

But I gotta say, some days it is difficult. My house still hasn't sold again; I did drop the price so my fingers are crossed. With the loss of the original buyer I am jumping through hoops to keep the house in Oregon. The original buyer did a home inspection so I'm working on all the fixes / repairs needed to my house. It will be good to have them all out of the way.

I finished the trapezoid quilt...okay I like it a little better now that it is done. Bella is really good at kitty approving quilts.

Notice the pillows? Bella is also really good at clawing furniture. I've found putting pillows at corners helps. Any other suggestions?

The quilt is 57 x 73 inches.

Is there a cat around that doesn't like playing with measuring tapes?

I found a good solution for sewing mojo...find something already cut out so you don't have to think, all you have to do is sew.

I'm not a big fan of log cabin blocks, but I love Moda's French General fabrics. I think these are going to go together fast.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Que será, será

I got a call this afternoon from my California realtor letting me know the buyer was backing out of the deal. They wanted me to replace, not repair, fences, the HVAC system, and more. PLUS they wanted me to drop the price $20k ??? My house is 20 years old, it has issues, but it is overall in really good shape, in a very desirable neighborhood with great schools. Most of the things their home inspector found were minor and easily fixable - he even commented it was a really nice house and in good shape. I've already fixed most of the issues he found. There was so much drama with the buyer that I'm actually relieved I don't have to do business with them...

...except I found a house in Oregon that I love 💖. I made an offer and it was accepted!

The sellers of this house are building a new house that won't be finished until the end of October. I'm really hoping they will extend the escrow close as it could take another 10-15 days to sell my house again. I'll know more in the next few days.

On the quilting front, the trapezoid quilt is almost done.

I've decided it is the most boring quilt I've ever made. I only have three more seams to sew (granted they are very long seams) but I'm not excited about finishing it. And I don't have another quilt (or 10) ready and waiting to start. The new Project Linus mystery starts next month and Diane at Butterfly Threads is hosting a sew-along that I think I'll participate in. I'm hoping both of these will help get my quilting mojo jumping again.

Well, I guess I better do my dishes, make my bed, pick up the house, put away the ironing board, vacuum and mow the yard. Hopefully someone will want to see the house tomorrow.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Now I can relax...

Doing a happy dance! No more making my bed everyday, no more doing the dishes every night, no more picking up everything every day!! Okay, so I'm still doing all that but I don't HAVE to. Bella's toys can be brought out, I can leave the ironing board out in the sewing room and I can start shopping again in Oregon for a new house.

I took three quilts to my longarm quilter today (boo hoo, I'm going to miss Barb), the only sewing I've done this past week is making a back for one of the quilts.

Last week, to cheer myself up, I went and visited my friend Angela. See what she made me!!

Isn't this cat just the cutest thing ever! Angela doesn't do a lot of sewing (yet), and I think there may have been a few bad words said, but I think she did a great job.  Best part, this cat doesn't bite or claw my furniture. ;o)

Monday, July 22, 2019

Nothing New

Lots of house cleaning. Lots of lunches out so people can look at the house. Starting to hang out at the library as it is close by and has air conditioning. Not much sewing going on. And no offers so far.

I've been putting the columns of the trapezoid together...

Can you say boring? I have three quilts that I'm going to take to my longarm quilter that I need to cut batting for. I also have one back to make (I thought they were all made, good thing I double checked). I'll get that done this week.

Here is a picture of a very unladylike Bella.

Don't touch! You risk blood loss if you attempt to rub that belly.