Sunday, June 19, 2016


Wow, it's been over a month since I blogged. Lots of little stuff going on. I sent three quilts out to be quilted. The oriental Refracted quilt - queen sized.

She quilted an all over orange peel.

Scrappy friendship quilt. 

The center is meandered (too dense to do much else), with a serpentine border.

And the rose trellis quilt...

With lots of swirls and leaves.

It's so nice to have these done.When I picked up these three I dropped off three more. I have two more I'm going to send out later this summer - it will be so nice to NOT see a bunch of unfinished quilts hanging in the closet.

I had a sewing get together a few weeks ago. Stephanie working on microwave bowl holders...

and this adorable table runner. If I coulda figured out of way to steal it I woulda. ;o)

Stacy made a BQ2 quilt. I think Nancy was leisurely pinning sets of something together. 

Dawn finished up piecing bento box blocks  - she finish putting the quilt top together before she left.

And I worked on the butterfly quilt which hasn't been touched since the last time we all got together.

Gotta show all the food. There was also lots of stuff in the refrigerator. Nobody wanted dinner that night.

Have to show off my pretty girl.  She is my joy.

 I've done some other odds and ends sewing also but I can't show it yet. With regards to the medallion quilt I've decided to stop being indecisive and go with my original plan. The next row will be the star blocks. I've got about half of them made.

There will be no changing of the mind.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Somebody Make Up My Mind

All the wild goose chase blocks are done and the borders are attached (without too much pulling adjusting to get everything to fit).

Now I need to decide on the next round...this has possibilities.

But I also like this...

I think I like this border set better...strong possibilities...

Now I don't know... I like this one too...

Both have the same background fabric and I don't have enough fabric to use it for both borders, nor do I want to use it for both so some alteration will be needed.

Maybe the on point florals first then the stars? Maybe something else? How do quilt designers do it?
Siddi turned 17 on May 1. She celebrated by taking a nap in her new favorite spot.

Monday, April 18, 2016

More Progress...

... and one very small finish. Let's start with the small finish. This was a Temecula Quilt Company free pattern that I added a couple of borders to (it was just too small and mine was kind of blah without the added borders). Fun and quick.

I haven't decided if I'm going to bind it in this blue or something else. I'm also trying to decide if I want to try hand quilting it. I've never hand quilted anything.
More Temecula Quilt latest Circa 2016 blocks.

I have four more Wild Goose Chase blocks to make. I'm paper piecing the blocks which makes them easy to make but it takes about 30-45 minutes to make a single block. I have no idea what I'm going to do for the next border. I know it needs more yellow, blue and red...I'd like to find another floral to tie in.

Stephanie and Nancy have been over recently. Below are their recent finishes.

Stephanie's colorful pink quilt is a baby quilt for her cousin's first baby - cute, fun quilt. I love this pattern, quick, easy and every one I've made/seen turns out great.

Nancy has an obsession with Kaffe fabrics AND Jaybird Quilts patterns, combine the two and you get her version of Science Project. The picture doesn't show it very well but the background fabric is a light gray tone-on-tone with a hexie print.
To close I have to show you my roses...

 I love the first blooms of the year!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Making some progress

I'm keeping up with Temecula Quilt Company's Circa 2016 block of the week. I changed my mind on the original background fabric I chose - it was a gray taupe. I like this light gray much better.

My latest blocks...

I'm also working on the next border of my medallion quilt. I really like the wild goose chase blocks. I'm paper piecing them and it is a very slow process. Five done, 31 more to go. This may take a while.

 A wonderful friend gave me these beautiful daffodils with a card that said "Happy March".

They definitely made my March very happy. Thank you again Barbara! With all the wet dreary days we've had the last two weeks (not complaining, we REALLY need the rain) the flowers really brightened up the day.

Monday, February 29, 2016

One Finished Quilt, Three Finished Tops and...

... LOTS of progress.

I gave Nancy the Spools quilt top as her birthday present (after lots of hints on her side) with a promise to have it quilted before the end of February.

I love the scrappy binding although it was a bit of pain as two of my seams ended up in corners.

Nancy and took a class last weekend at our local quilt shop Runs with Scissors. The pattern is Rock Candy by Jaybird Quilts.  It was so quick and easy to make I had time to make a second one.

I also finished up this lap quilt. I love the border fabric with all different greens.
I made progress on my Circa 2016 quilt. I haven't made the center yet as (until today) I could not find a setting fabric I liked.

And my not very Westering Women block (oops, forgot to turn the block).
I haven't made any progress on my medallion quilt. I started making another pieced border and after getting all the piecing done decided I didn't like it. So back to the drawing board on that one.

Monday, February 8, 2016

What's a Girl to Do?

Well in my case, it appears the answer to screwing up a project multiple times is to start three new ones.

I've started Barbara Brackman's new block of the month Westering Women. I'm not doing it scrappy or in period fabrics - I'm using Snowbird, an older line by Moda designed by Edyta Sitar. I have a limited amount of fabric so I may not do all the blocks.

I also started Temecula Quilt Company's block of the week Circa 2016. This one I am making very scrappy using lots of reproduction scraps.

Do you ever have left over blocks from one quilt that just seem to always get in your way? Like they are DEMANDING to be used right now! That's what was happening with these left over green and cream half square blocks. I'm making a simple, small lap quilt with them using a very old floral fabric for the border. I think the floral adds a little colorful punch to a possibly boring quilt.

I'm still working on the medallion quilt. I've decides on the next two pieced borders, although I think I've already messed up the math on the first one...luckily there is still time to fix it. ;o)


Monday, January 25, 2016

What's a Girl to Do

When the circuit breaker blows half way through your vacuuming and the breaker won't reset? When you finally get a clear sunny day so you can admire the dandelion patches growing all round the house? A smart girl would call an electrician. A really smart girl would go outside, bask in the sun and pull weeds.

What did I do?

I put the half square triangle border on the medallion quilt twice - wrong. FYI, 26/2 equals 13, not 12. Yes, I got A's in college calculus but I obviously can't do remedial math. 

But I did get 12 on two sides. Huh? When I tried to put the third side on there was no way it was going to fit and green blocks on each side were facing different directions.

So I took it apart, took the strip apart, and started over. How does a person get 13 blocks on one side, 14 on another and FIFTEEN on a third? AND THE GREEN TRIANGLES ARE STILL GOING THE WRONG WAY ON ONE SIDE!!

And contrary to popular belief there was no wine involved.

I guess it is true, the third times the charm.

Good thing I'm really liking how this quilt is turning out or it would probably be in the trash.