Monday, February 23, 2015

Please Accept My Apology

I can't believe I whined about my un-quilted tops and fabric stash. Nobody should be allowed to complain about having too much of a good thing. I should be grateful I have the income to splurge on fabric just because I want it and that I have enough good health and relaxation time to spend quilting.  If I have too much fabric or unfinished quilts it's my own dang fault.

Last Saturday I started and finished quilting this wall hanging that I made a year ago.

And I finished Market Day the weekend before. Don't know if they show up or not but I tried some new feathers in the border...some of the loops look like long fingers...I'll have to work on my spacing...but for a first try it's not too bad. I was really pleased with how the corners turned out. I used a variegated thread which I really like.

I still haven't put the Picnic blocks together but I did use the scraps to make this really easy table runner. It's a free pattern from the Fat Quarter Shop. It was supposed to be a leader / ender project but as usually happens patience got tossed aside and it became a finished project.

My civil war quilt is loaded on the frame ready to go.

Lots of progress...

Lots of results...

And I'm not going to whine about how much binding I have that needs hand sewn.  ;o)

Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Monkey on my Back and the Elephant in my Closets

I know. I know. I know I shouldn't let it bother me but it does. I haven't been doing much quilting lately because I feel like I should quilt the 19 quilt tops I have done before I start another project.

Market Day is number 20. When I start feeling overwhelmed I start quilting the small quilts first. Which makes no sense at all since they take me longer to quilt as I tend to custom quilt them with a lot of quilting. 
I have most of the background quilted and all of the nine patches. Now I need to decide what to do with the border and dark blue halves.
I met a long arm quilter yesterday who said she spends so much time on customer quilts that she doesn't quilt her own...and has over 40 unfinished quilt tops. So I know there are people with even more unfinished quilts than me, but I still feel like there are monkeys on my back.
I took a quilting class yesterday (yes, I started another quilt, and no, I haven't finished Picnic yet - new monkeys). The blocks are Day Break by Jaybird Quilts. LOVE this block. It is much easier than it looks.

The elephant in my closet?  My the sewing room closet, in the dresser in the spare bedroom, in the dresser in the other spare bedroom, in the dresser in the living room, in every bedroom closet but mine. Most of the fabrics in Day Break are from my stash but it didn't make a dent.

I know. I know. I know people who have even more stash than I do. But every once in a while it just overwhelms me.

On the good side, it rained just about all day today.