Monday, March 23, 2015

Did You Celebrate?

I did! There was fun, sewing, a TON of food, lots of laughs, and yes, we even went fabric shopping.

Jayme worked on binding. Nancy brought her Day Break quilt to lay out on the design bed (design floor was occupied). Would you believe that is the "lap" size? The design bed is a queen.

Everybody brought food.

Stacey made "biscuits" - the quilty kind. Delicious.

Nancy had also dug out an old UFO to finish...she split the blocks into two piles and made two sweet little quilts for her grand nieces.

Stephanie worked on her log cabin blocks. My picture doesn't do the colors justice.

Isn't this a cute idea! Stephanie's sister "numbered" her quilt rows with baby pins. Each pin holds the row number of safety pins.

Dawn was making purses - three at once.

And I was trying to quilt this...had to clean the machine first...and socialized... loaded bobbins...and ate...quilted one pass...and went shopping...quilted another pass...and socialized...

Needless to say I didn't get much done, but I definitely celebrated National Quilting Day the right way...with lots of great quilting friends!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Day Break

I've been making progress on my Day Break quilt.  Here's a close up of the fabrics I'm using:

Sun Stone by Paula Nadelstern for Benartex. I think I've had the fabric for over five years.
Seven made, eight more to go. Which one should I make three of?

He may look like he is sleeping peacefully, but he is snoring big time.

 This is Siddi's new hiding place. I must have spent 20 minutes looking for her. If she's comfy she doesn't care if you turn out the lights and shut the door.

Now I need to go find the hour I lost this morning.