Monday, August 20, 2012

Now I Got Something

Besides bad grammar.

Finally finished the silk ribbon blocks. I didn't do much in the way of quilting, just a little bit of in the ditch.

I finished the smaller table runner.

And tried a few new-to-me FMQ designs. I like how this turned out.

The next quilt was a bit of a challenge. All of the quilts I've quilted on the frame have had flannel backs, this is the first with a flannel top. It kept stretching and moving under the FMQ foot. I'm hoping after it is washed some of the bunchiness goes away. Again another new-to-me quilt design. The wonky leaves were fun to do. I also used a variegated thread which I really liked.

A few finishes and a new start. My great-niece requested a quilt: pink, purple and cats.

I'm hoping this works...she's really picky.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

I Got Nothing

I've been told I need to post something...but I got nothing.

I could show cat pictures. Can you tell these two are related?

Can you tell these two don't really like each other? But do like being next to any quilt on the floor.

Or I could show what Nancy has been working on lately...

These were taken over a month ago....

She has borders on both of them now and they are on their way to the quilters.

Me? I've made a couple of quilt backs and loaded a quilt on the frame...whoopee.

Maybe by the end of the weekend I'll have something interesting to show.