Monday, June 22, 2015


Jayme and I took a detour from quilting this past weekend.  We are both late blooming hippies...

We tie-dyed for the first time ever...what a mess, but lots of fun.
We used the same dress, but different techniques...this is the original dress.
Jayme folded her dress in half, drew a line across it, then fan folded it. Cool.

I did a traditional spiral. After applying the dye to the wedges I sponge brushed the whole thing with purple.  Groovy man.
We had a bit of dye left over so I grabbed a couple of old white t-shirts and tried a couple of other techniques.

My hands are still purple.


Sunday, June 14, 2015

Not a Pieced Back

So. How can I tell a story about a pieced back for the Modern Amish quilt when I've never shown a picture of the finished quilt? This is the last post I did on the quilt.  Here is the finished Modern Amish quilt:

Finished the quilt top in 2013.

Last year I decided I had lots of scraps left over and would make a pieced back for the quilt.  Well that didn't happen. I didn't like how it was going so put it away...for a year.

Worked on it again last weekend. By the time I finished piecing it I decided to make it a quilt top. I didn't want to hassle with trying to figure out the center of the quilt top and the center of the back and trying to line them both up so the center of the back was in the center of the top. Makes me stressed just writing that. So I made another top. Little bit smaller than planned but it uses up the last of the gray most of the solid scraps from the original quilt.

Now I have to find a back for both quilt tops.