Monday, February 27, 2017

Phone Camera Pics

Below are various photos I downloaded from my phone camera...

During the holiday's I didn't sew any gifts but I did make a bunch of these "jewel boxes". They are candle votive holders and salt cellars topped with buttons and bracelet beads. I saw some similar at an antique market and loved them, but they were crazy expensive. I knew I could easily make them. So I did. I have since learned that large buttons are crazy expensive.  Who knew.

My first love is embroidery. I haven't done much lately so a few months ago I dug out this kit (you can tell from the border fabric I've had the kit for a while). When I finished it my first thought was "how blah".

So I took it apart, trimmed it down a bit, and added a pop border. Still a little blah but much better.

I finished the hand sewing part of the binding on these two. I've spent most of the last couple of weekends making binding and quilt backs. I still have two more backs to make and three quilts that need the binding attached. Not very exciting but I'm very glad they are getting done.


This is my February scrap project. I started making these string blocks over a year ago. I haven't decided how big I'm going to make it, or if I'm going to sash it, but I'm having fun making the blocks. Guess this will also be my March scrap project. I can actually see a dent in my bin of string bits and pieces.

Doesn't Siddi look vicious in this picture? I actually caught her mid yawn.

I hope I don't look that grumpy when someone wakes me up from a nap.  ;o)


Friday, February 10, 2017

Whatever Happened to What's Her Name

I ended the year a bad blogger and I started the year a bad blogger. Does anyone remember me? Will anyone notice I've posted new quilts? Time will tell.

It's hard when you haven't blogged in such a long you start where you left off? Or where things are now? Or do you just go with the pictures you've downloaded from your camera?

I made this quilt top over six years ago. Now the quilt is done!

Barbara (my long arm quilter) followed the leaf design in the fabric. I love how it turned out.  My pictures don't do the quilt justice, it is very bright.

I have been very overwhelmed by my scrap bins lately, and my scrap bags, and my baskets, and the scraps all over the floor. I've decided this is the year to use them up. Ha! I think it will take more than one year to use up my scraps.

Here's my start. I made this little quilt over the holiday's from my box of 5 inch squares. Very fast and easy. I want to put a soft pretty flannel on the back.

This has been my travel quilt for a couple of years. It is all flannel. The pattern is Turning Twenty. I'll save it to use as a back for a future quilt.

This one was fun to make. The pattern was a freebie from the Fat Quarter Shop. They made it from a jelly roll. I made mine from a bag of 2 1/2 inch scrap strips that were under 10 inches long.

You would think all of these would have made a dent ... nope. I can see the floor now.

I have more but I haven't downloaded the pictures from my phone yet. I promise I won't wait over three months to show them.