Sunday, March 31, 2013


Nancy would like it known that she did not kick my butt...she just strongly encouraged. And I'm glad she did...

I love the border on this quilt. This baby is BIG...80 x 97.

The tutorial pattern is Refracted by Melissa of Happy Quilting. It is a fun, easy, quick stack-n-slash pattern. As soon as I saw her tutorial for the quilt I knew it was perfect for these fabrics.

All but the green sashing fabric is from my stash.
Cranes, coins, bamboo, a variety of oriental scripts and dragons - love the dragons!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Wouldn't Tell a Lie

I was hoping to show you a finished quilt...I started out really gung ho then kinda fizzled. Nancy came over to sew today and kicked butt...mine.

I was thinking of stopping at the green sashing but Nancy kicked some more I'll be adding the border fabric. Since it's a stripe I'm going to miter the corners. I haven't added a mitered border in ages, hope I remember how.

If Nancy says she didn't kick any butt...don't believe her...I wouldn't make something like that up.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lucky Girl II

I recently won a couple of patterns from Sherri Falls of This & That.
How cute is Suzy's Sack! Thank you, Sherri. I'm looking forward to making both patterns. If you've never been to Sherri's blog before you need to go check it out. Besides having wonderful patterns that she sells, she has Mystery Mondays with some great free small projects.
Today was overcast and blah...but my daffodils are blooming like crazy.

I love their bright yellow.

I have been sewing, just nothing to show this week.

If you hear hysterical crying on Tuesday don't worry, it's just me getting my taxes done.