Saturday, September 27, 2014

Still not a UFO

Barely...I decided if these spools were going to get finished I'd better chuck the idea of including the applique.

Now I need to decide on a border fabric. I had originally thought a sewing/quilting related fabric would be nice but I don't have any in my stash (how in the world did that happen I use to have tons).

So what do you think? I'm leaning toward the top left fabric in the first two pics... red roses / blue morning glories. I had hoped taking pictures would help me decide...

...didn't work.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

I'm a Lucky Duck

Loris at Luckypup Quilter recently had a giveaway and I won!

Bird and butterflies - so pretty.  Thank you Loris! Nancy came over to sew yesterday. She loves butterflies. I had to check all her bags before she left to make sure she didn't steal accidently take them home.

While here Nancy finished this quilt...

It's called Open Your Window by Zen Chic. She is such a prolithic quilter, she was half way through a second quilt by the time she left my house.
I got about a third of the way through this quilt...then the bobbin ran out. I like to use prewound with the Juki but it never fails...the first bobbin and tension are perfect. The second? Not so perfect.


I have learned my lesson. I always check the tension on a piece of scrap fabric before going back to the quilting.

The quilt is called Hot Pocket and I posted a picture here. Notice the date...March 2010.  Oh well, at least it is getting done.