Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bad Bad Quilter

I have not done any sewing for over two weeks...I'm a bad bad quilter.

I went to the River City Quilters Guild quilt show yesterday (forgot camera) - there were lots of really nice quilts, you would think that would have inspired me...nope.

These represent my unfinished quilts...I think I have two scrappy quilts that don't have binding shown here. I try to make my binding as I make the quilt top and I keep them all together in a single drawer so they don't get lost.  You'd think getting them done would inspire me...nope.

Christmas is five weeks away, you would think that would inspire me to get Brooklyn's quilt done...nope.

Nancy is going to pick up FIVE finished quilts from her long-arm quilter and drop off FOUR more quilt tops, you'd think that would inspire me...nope.

I have been doing a very very very little bit of hand work. I'll show it when it's finished.

I'm a bad bad quilter.

Sunday, November 4, 2012


I received a large box full of thread...

This isn't even half of it.  Most of the threads are JPCoats Dual Duty cotton covered polyester. There is also a lot of Gutermann 100% polyester. Lots of different colors. The original owner was not a quilter, she made clothes. I think most of these were purchased at Walmart or JoAnn's.

I have mixed feelings about all of these threads. I've heard you should only piece with 100% cotton thread. Would you use these to piece a quilt? I don't make heirloom quilts, so do I really need to worry about what type of thread I use?

Would you use these for piecing quilts or save them for other miscellaneous craft projects?