Monday, December 31, 2018

Good Bye, So Long, Farewell 2018

Happy New Year! I'm trying to sneak this post in before midnight (and pretend it hasn't been almost three months since my last post). I've been doing a little bit of sewing...

 Temecula Quilt Company's Christmas mystery that doesn't look very christmasy. And looks much better in person.

Violet's Bakery and Confectionery -   the 2018 Project Linus mystery quilt. LOVE the pattern.

And a little shopping. I picked up all of this at an estate sale. Over 27 yards of fabric and an unopened TrueSharp rotary blade sharpener for a crazy low price. Kinda sad, some day there will be another happy quilter getting a great bargain when I pass.

Last year's Project Linus Mystery quilt - Ethan's World Travels all quilted. I love how Barbara continued the flying geese path into the quilting.

I donated the quilt to Nancy's dental association that has a silent auction every year to raise money to provide dental care to low income children.

Nancy said that at the time she left for the evening the bid was up to $200. Wow.

The 4x4 quilt is all finished too. Love how this one turned out.

 2019 should be a very interesting year. I am officially retired on January 1. I know I'll be doing lots more quilting but I'm a little worried about this retirement stuff. Financially I'm okay, it's what to do with all the time!

Hope the new year brings you lots of joyful quilting.