Monday, August 31, 2015

Making Progress

I've made a dent in the pile of quilting projects.
For both of the embroidery wall hangings I echo quilted the embroidery then "copied" the floral pattern in the border fabric as the border quilting design.

Loopy flowers...and square edged flowers.

Nancy gave me her extra Day Break blocks, I've made table toppers with them and quilted each one a little different.

I love how these turned out. I can't wait to quilt my Day Break quilt...I just have to decide which motifs to use.

The only piecing I did all month was this little table topper...

It's just kinda blah...I really like the original String Ring table mat. It was very fast and easy to make but I think mine is too scrappy (and still needs the rick-rack added). I think I'll try it again using Halloween, orange, purple and tan...I think limiting the number of colors will help.
I've been fighting a (losing) battle of the ants the last couple of weeks. Today I found them in the pantry. I cleaned out the pantry, bug sprayed the bejesus out of it and have had it closed up for about an hour.  Guess I'd better get back to the kitchen and put everything back...I did need to clean out the pantry but not like this. ;o)

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The green and cream half square quilt top is done. I decided at the last minute it needed to be a bit bigger and have another spin. I really like it but part of me wishes I'd taken the time to have the lines flow into the second spin instead zig-zag. I had a hard time working the second spin in, by the time I figured it out it was late and I was grumpy.

I have lots of quilting to do. I ran out of safety pins or the pile would be bigger. I took the Juki off the frame so I can use it to quilt the butterfly quilt.

And I have a finish! Even the binding is done. I quilted Picnic with double loops in a sage green thread. This is not a big quilt but it took three spool of thread for the top and bobbins.  Are they putting less thread on spools? I emptied one spool filling four bobbins then ran out of bobbin and top thread with about 10 inches of quilt left. I swear my larger quilts didn't take that much thread.

My adventure for the week:
My tire blew out on the highway at about 8 p.m. Not too bad as I was already slowing down to take the next exit. Thank goodness for a large shoulder on the road, the Highway Patrol, CSAA and a good spare tire. I was back on the road in 30 minutes.
We've had a lot of fires in my area. Below is a very pretty, very smoky sunset.