Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So my week off turn out to be the week from H e double hockey sticks. I spent Sunday clearing out the sewing room, my bedroom and the family room.  Can you say tired? How about sore? The carpet cleaner was here first thing Monday morning, he was very nice and did a great job (gave me a 20% discount for having an "vacant" house). Since I couldn't put anything back for 8-12 hours I tried to sew. With the attention span of a nat I didn't get much done.

Tuesday my new refrigerator was delivered. Tuesday night it died. Wednesday I called the company I purchased it from, they replaced the refrigerator on Thursdays. In the mean time most of the stuff in freezer had dethawed and I tossed most of the stuff in the refrigerator.  Not a happy camper.

Tuesday and Wednesday I moved all the furniture and stuff back into the sewing room, family room and my bedroom.  Wrestling with the mattress and box spring was not fun, but I won. Note for next time: do not but the mattress and box spring in a bathroom with the same dimensions.  Can you say tired? Sore?

Friday I made an unplanned trip to Boise, Id. I just got back this afternoon. Can you say tired? Sore?

So what do you when you have a 10 hour drive and you are not the driver and don't have any handwork of any sort to work on? Crochet!

I made a quick trip to a local junk shop where I had seen skeins of batik rayon fabric strips. A few weeks ago I saw a tutorial for a crocheted purse - it was bookmarked on my old computer which I took down when I emptied the sewing room and didn't re-set up.  So this is from memory, I didn't like how the handle was turning out so I stopped about 4 hours into the trip home.  Not too bad considering I haven't crocheted in over 20 years.

Tomorrow it's back to work. Hopefully it will be nice, peaceful and uneventful.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Can You Tell the Difference?

I am typing this blog post on my fancy-schancy new laptop computer.

Ain't it purdy? My wonderful friend Stephanie came up yesterday to help me get it set up, connected the wireless every things that I have, loaded software, and got me started on creating my system recovery disks (which finally finished up about 11:30 p.m.).

Thank you Stephanie!

Okay, she didn't come up just to help with the computer (she lives about 150 miles aways). Stephanie, Nancy and I also went to the Foothill Quilter's Quilt Show yesterday in Auburn. Alex Anderson was a guest speaker although we did not see her lecture.

We did see lots of beautiful quilts. I love scrappy quilts. Below are a few of my favorites...
Easy, easy strip quilt with Asian fabrics.

Bazillion half square triangles...right up my alley.

And a cheerful floral strip quilt...again easy, easy!

I'm taking the next week off of work but I have a to-do list a mile long. I'm hoping to get lots of quilting and sewing done but the first thing on the list is having the carpets cleaned, including the carpet in the sewing room which means I have to empty it today....wish me luck on that.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lots of Pretty Flowers

WooHoo! The sun was out today! Should have done some yard work, but I didn't. I did take some pictures of the flowers growing in the back yard.

I really liked Pat's idea to make pillows with my silk ribbon blocks.

The colors in each block varied but I wanted to tied them together. I think the red works.