Sunday, November 19, 2017


Absolutely crazy. It is out of hand. I have two quilts pinned...

Seven table toppers / wall hangings read to be pinned (I think I have a hexi problem also)..

Seven finish quilt tops, six with backs...

Eight projects that are started - partially pieced (there may be more than one unfinished embroidery project there)...Oops, forgot a wool project I have stashed under my sewing table.

Five quilts that need binding...

And at least two leader/ender projects that I'm not showing here.

I do have one finish!! My Circa 2016 is done! I looked back through my blog and I can't believe I never showed the finish top. The picture is terrible and doesn't do it justice. It has wonderful Baptist Fans quilted throughout it.

All that and this bundle is calling my name...very loudly...I even know what pattern I want to use.

Yup, ridiculous.