Monday, August 19, 2019

Staying Positive

But I gotta say, some days it is difficult. My house still hasn't sold again; I did drop the price so my fingers are crossed. With the loss of the original buyer I am jumping through hoops to keep the house in Oregon. The original buyer did a home inspection so I'm working on all the fixes / repairs needed to my house. It will be good to have them all out of the way.

I finished the trapezoid quilt...okay I like it a little better now that it is done. Bella is really good at kitty approving quilts.

Notice the pillows? Bella is also really good at clawing furniture. I've found putting pillows at corners helps. Any other suggestions?

The quilt is 57 x 73 inches.

Is there a cat around that doesn't like playing with measuring tapes?

I found a good solution for sewing mojo...find something already cut out so you don't have to think, all you have to do is sew.

I'm not a big fan of log cabin blocks, but I love Moda's French General fabrics. I think these are going to go together fast.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Que será, será

I got a call this afternoon from my California realtor letting me know the buyer was backing out of the deal. They wanted me to replace, not repair, fences, the HVAC system, and more. PLUS they wanted me to drop the price $20k ??? My house is 20 years old, it has issues, but it is overall in really good shape, in a very desirable neighborhood with great schools. Most of the things their home inspector found were minor and easily fixable - he even commented it was a really nice house and in good shape. I've already fixed most of the issues he found. There was so much drama with the buyer that I'm actually relieved I don't have to do business with them...

...except I found a house in Oregon that I love 💖. I made an offer and it was accepted!

The sellers of this house are building a new house that won't be finished until the end of October. I'm really hoping they will extend the escrow close as it could take another 10-15 days to sell my house again. I'll know more in the next few days.

On the quilting front, the trapezoid quilt is almost done.

I've decided it is the most boring quilt I've ever made. I only have three more seams to sew (granted they are very long seams) but I'm not excited about finishing it. And I don't have another quilt (or 10) ready and waiting to start. The new Project Linus mystery starts next month and Diane at Butterfly Threads is hosting a sew-along that I think I'll participate in. I'm hoping both of these will help get my quilting mojo jumping again.

Well, I guess I better do my dishes, make my bed, pick up the house, put away the ironing board, vacuum and mow the yard. Hopefully someone will want to see the house tomorrow.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Now I can relax...

Doing a happy dance! No more making my bed everyday, no more doing the dishes every night, no more picking up everything every day!! Okay, so I'm still doing all that but I don't HAVE to. Bella's toys can be brought out, I can leave the ironing board out in the sewing room and I can start shopping again in Oregon for a new house.

I took three quilts to my longarm quilter today (boo hoo, I'm going to miss Barb), the only sewing I've done this past week is making a back for one of the quilts.

Last week, to cheer myself up, I went and visited my friend Angela. See what she made me!!

Isn't this cat just the cutest thing ever! Angela doesn't do a lot of sewing (yet), and I think there may have been a few bad words said, but I think she did a great job.  Best part, this cat doesn't bite or claw my furniture. ;o)

Monday, July 22, 2019

Nothing New

Lots of house cleaning. Lots of lunches out so people can look at the house. Starting to hang out at the library as it is close by and has air conditioning. Not much sewing going on. And no offers so far.

I've been putting the columns of the trapezoid together...

Can you say boring? I have three quilts that I'm going to take to my longarm quilter that I need to cut batting for. I also have one back to make (I thought they were all made, good thing I double checked). I'll get that done this week.

Here is a picture of a very unladylike Bella.

Don't touch! You risk blood loss if you attempt to rub that belly.

Monday, July 15, 2019

A Finish

Selling your house is an interesting process. My realtor has called the realtor for all of the people who looked at my house. Their reasons to not buy are interesting...# 1 - the back yard is too small, #2 - they are going to look at new houses (there are a lot of new housing developments around here), and #3 is the house is too small - they should try cleaning it every morning just in case someone wants to view it, 1900 sq feet is a lot of floor to vacuum every morning (or almost every morning). But then maybe I shouldn't criticize as I've looked at over 30 house in Oregon and haven't found anything yet.

If this week is like last week I should be able to relax a bit until Thursday.

Sewing and cleaning up the sewing room every night has not been too bad, but so far everything I've worked on has been an ongoing project...

I finished (maybe) my Threadology quilt:

I decide to change the layout of the blocks, which meant I had to make four more small ones, but I sooooo like this version.  I'm still debating if I should add a small border of the cream as a final border.

I also quilted and added the binding to this wall hanging. In the picture I haven't hand sewn the binding down yet but I did finished it tonight.

Looking at the picture part of me wants to add a little bit more quilting between the flower pots. Hmmmm, maybe just one more echo line?

I rebelled against house cleaning today. Tomorrow, before I start working on the trapezoid quilt I'll clean. I don't want to tempt fate too much.

Monday, July 8, 2019

For Sale

Kinda bitter sweet...

If you would like to view the listing click here. I've had three viewings so far. Today was pretty quiet so I took advantage of that and the cool weather to work in the back yard...mostly dead heading roses.

I took a quick trip to Oregon last week to view houses. The one I really wanted to see had sold already - note to me, leave quickly - the second one I really wanted to see was about 1868 square feet but felt really small and was laid out kind of strange. There was one possibility - nice layout, but I would consider it a fixer upper, I'm not sure I want to go there. So the search continues. My truck is packed with another load to take to my mom's just in case.

I have been doing some sewing. So far I've done a pretty good job of cleaning everything up every evening. I decided to change my original plan for my Threadology blocks...

I've sewn the larger blocks together and plan on bordering it with the small blocks. So far I'm really liking the new layout and it will be a little bit bigger as I'm sashing it with the background fabric. I should have it finished for next weeks post.

Think positive thoughts for me...both buying and selling.

Monday, July 1, 2019

I got to sew!

Yay!! Stephanie and Nancy joined me for sewing this past Saturday...this is probably our last time getting together at my house to sew (boo hoo). It was fun and productive as always.

Nancy finished the center of Atkinson Designs Sugar Sand Beach Pattern - still needs the white framing border.

She might have left out a piece in the blocks but we decided it was a new design feature. I might have to borrow the pattern from Nancy...I really like this quilt.

Stephanie worked on Jaybird Quilts Snack Time.

She also did a variation of the pattern but hers was intentional. What you can't see is the black background fabric has bright color confetti. Love the bright colors.

I cut out my June Aunt Addy blocks and but them together on Sunday.

The mystery was revealed today - it is a row quilt. I've never made one before so it should be interesting finishing this up. But alas it will probably have to wait as the house goes on the market Thursday. I have to keep everything picked up and clean until the house sells. I don't know about you but I can't sew and have a clean / neat / picked up sewing room. The two just don't go together in my world. ;o)

Monday, June 24, 2019

Sewing Room

I had the garage sale last weekend and overall it was a success. It always amazing me what sales and what doesn't and how people will offer pittance for something that is just about new. With a few exceptions, all of the left overs were taken to the hospice, SPCA and Restore thrift shops or the Goodwill. Both cars fit in the garage again. YEAH.

Now that the garage sale is done I could move the folding tables back into my sewing room.  My poor sewing room went from this...

Very old picture, but you get the idea. To this...

Boring!!!!! Those four things are the only items in the room. It looks so small...okay it is small, but with everything that was in it before it didn't seem small. I covered the folding table with a quilt just to add some color to the room.

And yes, that is Bella watching TV.

Monday, June 17, 2019


I'm not as tired as I was. I have bit of time when I can just sit and do nothing...except I feel guilty like there is something else on my lists that I should be doing - now. All the stuff that has to be done now is done. I've even packed up part of the kitchen just cause I had boxes that worked for kitchen stuff. I look around and feel like I've done a lot, then I'll look again and think there is soooo much more that needs done. But until I find a house there is only so much I can realistically do.

I've found batting and flannel scraps are great packing material:

Bella has been helping with the packing:

I had packed up all of her toys, but then she found the toy bag:

And unpacked them all:

My coworker, Elizabeth, gave me this Christmas ornament a few years ago - it always makes me laugh. Bella likes to play with it.

EVERY nook and cranny has been gone through and the garage sale pile is HUGE.

Hopefully all of this will be gone Saturday afternoon and I'll have made enough money to pay for moving the rest. Hahahahahaha I'm so funny.

Monday, June 10, 2019

The Search Continues

I took a truck load of stuff up to my moms last weekend. While in Grants Pass I looked at houses again. I put an offer on another house, then rescinded it. Loved loved loved the house, it had the perfect sewing room and a huge kitchen, but it also had no real back yard and a very steep incline from the front of the house down to the bottom of the house which continued on down to the street behind the house. It just made me nervous. I know the house would not slide down the hill, but all the tan bark that had been put down would eventually and replacing it along with pulling weeds would be a challenge.

I am still packing up / sorting things in the house. The painter comes tomorrow and the carpet cleaner next week. Then I can stage the house and have the realtor come in and take pictures for the listing.

The sewing room is empty. It is one of the rooms that will be painted. The only thing quilt related I did was a quick stop at Jordan Fabrics to match a Moda Grunge color I ran out of. I knew they would have the right color and they did - Yay!

Since I have to include a picture with the post, and there is nothing quilt related to show. Here are my girls:

Bella the bag lady.

And Spooky playing ying and yang with the stone cat.

Monday, June 3, 2019

I'm Tired

What a difference a week makes! Last week tons of sewing, this week almost none. I did get my May Aunt Addie blocks finished. The June blocks will probably have to wait until July when the finishing instructions are released.

I decided to put my house on the market June 30th. Somebody slap me upside the head, what was I thinking! The bedrooms are getting painted on the 14th and 15th (everything off the walls). The carpets cleaned the following week (everything except the large furniture needs to be cleared out), then I'm having a HUGE garage sale on the 22nd (every cabinet, closet, nook and cranny must be checked - no mercy must be given). PLUS at least one trip to Oregon to look at houses and take my niece some furniture I no longer need (load the truck).

I've had over 11k steps on my Fitbit for the last three days and I haven't even left the house!

This makes me sad...

... I guess buyers don't want to see a large quilt frame in the middle of the living room.

I took this picture of a rose I saw outside of an office building...oops, forgot to stop and smell it.


Monday, May 27, 2019

Marathon Sewing

Stephanie spent the weekend here and Nancy joined us for sewing on Saturday.

Nancy finish up this quilt top:

The fabric is Seattle themed with fish, coffee, the space needle and more.

I got the flying geese made to go with the trapezoids and laid it out on the design floor.

This isn't the final layout but it's close.

Sunday it was just Stephanie and I. I got the last of the Threadology blocks make and laid it out on the design floor.

Stephanie and I moved that light square in the bottom left all over and it always looked off. I was going to be stubborn and not remake the square with a different fabric but I've changed my mind. So this is not the final layout either.

Stephanie worked on Jaybird Quilts Snack Time. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of it.

While we were sewing on Sunday we watched all three How to Train your Dragon videos on my laytop. Bella really enjoyed watching the videos also.


Monday, May 20, 2019

Do I want to move it?

I am in the process of cleaning out everything! I have a huge garage sale pile and I've started packing up things I know I want to keep but will not be using soon. I'm not asking myself "do I love it?" or "does it bring me joy?", I'm asking "do I want to move it?" Most of the time the answer is no.

I had a slight panic attack this afternoon as I found a real estate listing for the house NEXT DOOR to the house I put an offer on. It was totally updated, new kitchen and baths, huge bedrooms and not a bad price. Panic attack went away when I noticed it had a pool. I can't swim, I definitely don't need a pool.

I've been doing a little bit of sewing almost every night. The trapezoids are now sewn into pairs.

About half are ironed. Doesn't look like much does it? I hope I did the math right and don't need to make more.

This little baggy is full of the trapezoid corners I cut off. I see a new leader ender project in the near future. ;o)

I made a scrappy binding for the quilt I finished last week.

I went searching through my blog to find out when I made this quilt. ??? I couldn't find it anywhere! I've never shown it before! I did find a picture where it was included with a bunch of other to-be-quilted tops in November 2017. I think I made it earlier that year. Huh. Anyway it's done. The pattern is Scrap Basket Treasure from Turning Twenty. And without even realizing it I used my flannel Turning Twenty quilt for the back.

Doubly scrappy.

Nancy came over to sew last weekend. I cut out my Threadology and Aunt Addie blocks while Nancy finished this quilt.

She started it the last time we got together to sew. Between the two days I think she made it in less than eight hours.

Monday, May 13, 2019


I went and visited my mom for Mother's Day, and to check out a few houses for sale in the Grants Pass, Oregon area. I actually put an offer on one (with a great sewing room). Unfortunately the guy had multiple offers (bad timing on my part as the house had been for sale over 60 days), he didn't accept mine. Probably a good thing as I had a minor panic attack over having to sell, and more stressful, pack up my house. When I moved into this house it was almost empty. Now...not so much. Now I have some time to seriously downsize all the crap treasures in the house.

On the quilting side of things, I did go to the local quilt show hosted by the Rogue Valley Piecemakers Guild. It was a small, but nice show. This quilt was my favorite:

 Can you say tiny?

From the tag, this will be the guild's 2020 opportunity quilt. I'm definitely buying tickets for this one.

I also stopped by the local quilt shop, Jordan Fabrics. They sale at a lot of west coast larger quilt shows. Primarily pre-cut kits. In the store they sell the bolt ends by the pound. The pieces can be anywhere from 1 inch to almost half a yard. These are a few pieces I picked up:

I am behind on my Threadology and Aunt Addie blocks. Hopefully I'll get caught up this week.

I did get the quilt on the frame quilted, but didn't have time to do much else.

I'll get it squared up and the binding sewn on this week also.

Bella thought the quilt looked much better with her on it.

Monday, May 6, 2019

Plugging away

Nothing exciting on the quilting front. The trapezoids are done, now I'm sewing them into pairs, then I'll lay them out on the design floor.

I'm loading another quilt on the frame:

I'm hoping to get the top loaded and hopefully the first two passes done tonight then finish it tomorrow. I have to wait for Bella to go to bed first, she thinks quilts loaded on the frame make great trampolines.

I decided to break out my checkbook and have someone else take care of all the backyard chores.  These pictures are for my mom...

All of the bushes were trimmed. You can see the fountain again...although it looks like it is in a green tunnel.

Fresh tan bark in the front and all of the backyard plant areas. You can barely see Spooky  laying under the bench.

Fresh rocks and the most noticeable item is the patio, I had it power washed. Took the guy over two hours just to do that. My checking account may be crying, but I'm happy.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Needed Distraction

Not a squirrel. I needed to do something other than work from the scrap bin. So I quilted a scrap quilt from two years ago.

Listening to audio books while quilting is definitely the way to go. I just did a simple meander. The quilt pattern is Emma Grace by Villa Rosa Designs. It is about 41 x 45 inches and has a flannel back pieced from scraps also. The flash from my phone kinda washes out the colors. I used a really really really old floral fabric for the binding - which hasn't been hand sewn on yet but I'm still calling this a finish. This quilt is my 10th finish for the year.

Now I'm ready to keep working on the trapezoid blocks. I have almost half of them made.

Back to my back yellow roses opened up...soooo pretty!

And the close up I didn't take last week...