Monday, September 13, 2010

Mean Mama, Lucky Mama

The lucky mama won Stitching Lines at Mary's blog Marin & Colusa. I think they are going to very helpful turning this pile of squares into half square triangles.

Thank you Mary!

Poor Siddi, she had a reaction to her shots. She ran a fever most of the day yesterday. To keep her from getting dehydrated, I kept forcing water down her throat. She thought I was a mean mama by the end of the day. She's doing much better today, still quiet and sleeping a lot, but she's drinking water on her own.


Mary said...

Poor kitty. Lucky you, she has probably forgotten how "mean" you are! Enjoy your Stitching Lines.

Loris said...

Well, hard work but good job with getting your kitty passed the tough stage. Hope she continues to improve.Please tell her we are sending some purrs and nose nuzzles from the crew here.
Congrats on winning the Stitching Lines. Go Triangles :-)

Anonymous said...

It's tough being a momma to a sick kitty

AnnieO said...

A sick kitty is so miserable! Sorry she's feeling so poorly and worrying her mama. Hope she feels better already.