Sunday, November 21, 2010

Life is going to get interesting

I finished the second Sudoku Solution wall hanging a few weeks ago. I finally got the binding sewn on this week.

I had a left over block (made it on purpose) so I made a little mat out it. A friend bought the quilt, she is going to give it to her sister as a gift. Although I think she is really tempted to keep it herself.

I spent most of this afternoon at the emergency veterinary clinic ... Obba was diagnosed as diabetic. He has had symptoms for a few weeks but I thought he was just being a picky eater, and I thought it was Fred that was drinking all the water. Today he took a turn, by early afternoon he was not doing very well but he wasn't that bad either. Always the dilemma on the weekend - take him to emergency vet (so expensive) or wait a day and take him to his vet. Luckily I took him to the emergency vet. They ran some blood work and did a urine test. Sugar and ketone were very high. He is staying tonight at the vet's. The doctor just called and told me Obba is doing well, they have already given him a small dose of insulin and his levels are almost normal. He also mentioned Obba was hiding under the blanket...Obba is a bit timid, most people know him as the lump in the middle of my bed.

If you live in the Sacramento / Roseville area of California I strongly recommend Loomis Basin Veterinary Clinic. Everyone there is so caring and professional.

Life will be interesting for both Obba and I as we learn how to deal with insulin shots twice a day. My neighbor, who has been through this with two of her cats, has already been very helpful and informative, she also warned me that today will not be last trip to the emergency vets.


Mary said...

First off, I love your little quilt. The colors are beautiful. My experience with diabetes... (oldest child at 7).I can't imagine a cat. Good Luck!

Quilt Hollow said...

Sweet quilt...but such a sad little post with sick kitty. Just look at that adorable face. I wish you both luck with shots and all...gosh darn!

Loris said...

oh man...poor kitty! I'm hoping he is feeling better and home soon. It is wonderful that you got him in and also have a friend to coach you a bit with his care. What a sweet looking Obba perched on the couch arm there. I love those blanket loaf cats...I have on two :-)
Your Suduko came out wonderful. Great idea with the extra block!

Loris said...

Edit! I have too..
not typing too well this am!

Rose said...

I like the sudoko quilt...but sorry to hear about Obba. Our pets are really members of the family and their health issues really bother us as if they were a person.

Judith said...

I'm very sorry to hear about Obba's problems and and hope that he is doing better now.
As for the quilt, I love it!! (I'm the sister and it's truely one of the most precious gifts I've ever received). Many thanks!