Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Insert really bad word here

How do I do it? At least with the civil war blocks, they didn't look wrong. I didn't do just one block wrong, I did TWO!

How did I not see these? I figure I've touched those two pieces at least 8 times to sew them to something else. They have probably been ironed just as many times. I laid this quilt out on the floor at least three times and still didn't see them until ALL the rows and sashing were sewn together.

Do I leave it or fix it? Years ago I asked an art teacher that question, her response was if in my heart I can live with it then let it go. I didn't like her very much. I have a feeling my heart can not live with this.


Needled Mom said...

Oh grrr!!! Doesn't that drive you nuts? I hate it when I have sewing days like that.

Mary said...

At least it is not quilted yet! I found a wrongly-sewn block the other day.........after the quilt came home from the longarm quilter! And I planned on using it at quilt shows for display! I say take it apart now, while you can.

Michele said...

I say change it if it's going to bother you, but I am one to make everything just right......which slows down my quilting. I wish I could leave some of my mistakes, but that's just me! Do what you will like. I've heard if you can't see it from a galloping horse to leave it, but that doesnt usually work for me. Good Luck :)

AnnieO said...

"Oh, bother", said Pooh.

I don't think I could live with that and would unsew, which of course is a pain in the arse, but really not that bad given you have all straight seams!

I'll offer my virtual seam ripper to help :)

mom said...

Ma says correct your mistakes...will just take a little time and you will be so much happier..........x0x0