Sunday, April 10, 2011


The Auburn Quilt Show was this past weekend, they had some fantastic quilts there. What did I take pictures of?

Quilt designs. I think I can do the whirls above.

This one might be a challenge, but with a LOT of practice, maybe.

I can definitely do this... I really liked this quilt also.

No way can I do this. Ever. Wouldn't even try.

I wish you could have seen this quilt in person. It was beautiful. I could barely get a picture with all the people admiring it.

My pictures do not so this quilt justice. And I forgot to take a picture of the information card so I can not tell you who made it.

Such beautiful quilts and quilting...then there are mine... At least they are done (except for the binding).


Needled Mom said...

We drove through Auburn last week and I saw the signs for the show. Wished I could have stayed for it. It looks like they had some beauties there.

Loris said...

You are so funny! I have the same reactions to quilting designs...some to attempt, some only to dream about :-)
The quilt show must have been wonderful. The pics show some beautiful work. I also love the quilting you did on your little ones. They turned out really well!
Very inspiring post!

Mary said...

That circle quilt was absolutely beautiful. Would love to see it in person. And so are yours. Don't sell yourself short. I for one, think the fabric and color choices are just as important as the quilting. For me, they are more important.

Anonymous said...

All so pretty! I do enjoy seeing how things are quilted for inspiration! Thanks for sharing.

Michele said...

Thanks so much for sharing the pictures from the quilt show! What great quilting ideas! I also look closely at quilting designs at shows :-) Some are doable for me, some are not! Lovely project you have been working on! Great colors :-)

AnnieO said...

Beautiful! Good idea to take pics of quilting designs. Photos are never detailed enough for the pleasure of seeing quilts in person!

Rose said...

I like how you filled the space in yours!!!