Monday, May 23, 2011

Two steps forward, one step back

It may not look like it from these pictures but I am making progress on the two projects I'm currently working.

Saturday, Jayme and I went to the Auburn Home and Garden show. I want to know how those landscape company can set up fountains, waterfalls, patios, decks and a bazillion plants in a few days and it has taken me three weeks to get this far?

I met Robyn, a master gardener, at the show. I spent about 30 minutes talking to her about plants. You should have seen her eyes light up when I said I needed help selecting plants for my yard. It is the same look a quilter gets in a fabric shop with a large gift card. ;o) We walked around to a number of different landscape company's displays looking at and talking about plants. She had lots of great suggestions. I left the show and bought more plants. I really need to stop that or this project will never get done.

I'm also making progress on my mom's Mother's Day gift. She knows she is getting a table runner and placemats but she hasn't really seen the fabrics or the pattern.

I started quilting them on Saturday. Very simple in the ditch and straight line quilting so hopefully it won't take too long to finish up.

Unfortunately with all the time I've spent working on these two projects I am now five weeks behind on my civil war blocks. Oh well...hopefully both of my projects will get finished soon.


Loris said...

Well,sometimes it takes an army :-)but you are coming along and getting advice may be your best time spent. Glad the hail hasn't returned!
Your placemats look adorable. Mom will love them!

Mary said...

I think those displays go up fast because they never take the plants out of the pots. Plus, they probably don't dig any holes, just fill in the space around the pots with soil.It's all an illusion!

mom said...

Looking good. The placemats look so pretty. Can't wait to see them on my table....Should really brighten up the kitchen.......xoxo

AnnieO said...

I can see progress! The landscape companies have probably 10-15 people to set up their displays (which only have to survive a few days). Wish they would come to my house too :)

Quilty fun! Your placemats are a lot more complicated than the ones I just made, but oh so pretty.

Barb said...

It is good that you have someone you can ask questions....soon it will be finished.

Love love the fabrics for your mom's runner.