Sunday, June 19, 2011

Second Project Done

(This post is for my cousin Jan. Hi Jan! She reminded me I hadn't posted in a while.)

My second project is done...okay, I confess it has been done for a few weeks. My mom's Mother's Day gift, a table runner and six place mats. I had enough scraps left over to make a little table topper and coasters.

I'm still spending time in the yards (I am becoming an expert at sprinkler systems and drip lines), so I haven't had much time to sew lately. But I have had time to get together with friends. Last weekend Karen, Stephanie and got together for lunch and little bit of quilt shopping. Karen and I found out there was outdoor quilt show in Winters, so we stopped there for a bit also. It was a very fun day.

I have wonderful friends also. Look what Karen made me:

Isn't it sweet? If you can't read the center it says: May your sorrows be patched and your joys be quilted. Love it. Karen said finishing this with it's little bitty stitches drove her to the eye doctor's, Eek. Thank you Karen! I think it was worth the eye strain.

Stephanie participated in a block of the month last year and made this quilt:

She didn't care for it, too scrappy for her. Too scrappy? Is there such a thing? Stephanie gave me the quilt top, I'll quilt it, she said she'd put the binding on. I love it! Especially the variety of colors, so rich looking. Thank you, Stephanie!!

Yup, wonderful friends.


Needled Mom said...

Lucky too scrappy! It is such pretty colors.

Your table runner and mats are wonderful too.

AnnieO said...

Beautiful table runner and placemats, Joy! I'm sure your mom loved them. Good for you for being outside--it seems all I ever go outside for is to my car and back. I'm the opposite, sewing so much I don't have time to garden :)

Wonderful friends indeed! Love the sentiment on the cross stitch and think you're a lucky dog on your friend not liking that scrappy quilt--it is really pretty!

Mary said...

So many pretties. I am sure your mother loved her gifts. Aren't you happy you have different taste than your friend Stephanie. that's a nice little scrappy quilt.

mom said...

Hello. we are home and glad to see you have a new post. Was so great seeing everybody....Yes, I do agree you have great friends. And I can hardly wait to see the placemats, beautiful. Should brighten up the kitchen a whole lot....xoxo