Monday, September 5, 2011

Sew Eventful Weekend

Lots of sewing did and did not occur at my house this weekend.

On Saturday Dawn, Stacey and Nancy came over to sew. They were my motivation to get everything attached, plugged and pinned...

Nada, nothing...literally. I could get it working with the presser foot, but not the regulator. So disappointing. We tried everything, Googled everything, and no luck. So very disappointing. Does anyone in blogland have a Sure Stitch Regulator hooked up to a Juki 2000? Any suggestions?

To add to it all Fred peed on Stacey's sewing machine carrier and an ex-boyfriend was in the area and decided he wanted to visit even though I told him I had a house full of women sewing and it wasn't the best time. (I talk to him about once year and haven't seen him in 11 years.) His comment once he got here..."I didn't realize you were so into this stuff." Really?

I was so distracted I didn't take any pictures on Saturday. Stacey worked on friendship star blocks, Dawn worked with templates to make a complicated sunflower block and Nancy worked on making very colorful snowball blocks with Kaffe fabrics.

Yesterday was more relaxing. Nancy came back over and we watch p.s. I love you with Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler. Now if Gerard Butler had stopped by on Saturday I would have kicked all those women out the door so fast they wouldn't have seen the boot coming. Good movie. A 5 Kleenex rating.

Nancy finished putting together the rows for this Just Can't Cut It (more Kaffe).

The picture doesn't do the quilt justice. It is SO bright and cheerful.

I've mention the charm packet challenge Nancy and I have's where she is.

And this is where I am...

Hmmmm... doesn't look quite right does it.


AnnieO said...

Sorry to hear you could not get the beast moving properly. Damn!

Looks like lots of sewing was done--by others, but you were still in the fabric realm! Love the quilts of your friends.

Uh, ex-boyfriend, stopping by after 11 years...what is up with that?

I don't recall that movie but I loved Gerard Butler in Bounty Hunter.

Diane H said...

Bad Fred! One of my cats peed in my friends shoe one time. She has lots of cats so that's probably why. Oooops.

Mary said...

Sounds like a very busy weekend. At least you got a ton of HST's made.

Michele said...

What an interesting weekend! Wow! I can't stand it when I can't get my machine to do something I think it should do! Grrrr! I enjoyed reading the comments too :-)