Sunday, January 8, 2012

Odds and Ends

Day 4 of last weekend was spent with visiting relatives. I have been trying to get my second cousin Connie to visit for a lot of years. While she was visiting my grandmother about 7 years ago I showed her the quilt I was working on at that time - a garden trellis. She loved it. I told her then that if she ever visited my house the quilt was hers. She finally got the quilt.

Day 5 was spent curled up with a book. I figured since the plan was already shot I might as well relax and be really lazy. Big comfy chair, suspenseful book, warm quilt and three cats trying to sit in my lap at the same - what could be better.

This past week I added binding to three quilts and finished the pillowcases I made from the left over turtle fabrics.

This is the last you will see of these...they are headed for the washing machine then out the door.

Isn't he handsome?

I'm not biased.

My next door neighbor's house was broken into last week. She doesn't live there full time, normally gone during the week and with the holidays she hasn't been home for a few weeks. It didn't look like they stole anything, luckily she doesn't keep her jewelry at the house or have any fancy electronic equipment, and the person who broke in was dumb enough to not recognize some of the old things around the house were some very valuable antiques. Even if they didn't take anything whoever it was did a lot of damage...they threw a very large rock through her double paned sliding glass door. There were so many glass fragments that the clean up crew her insurance company sent out had to remove half of her living room carpet also.

I trimmed my roses back at Thanksgiving this year but I guess I missed one branch.


Mary said...

Visiting time, sewing time and a good book. Sounds like a great few days. Too bad for your neighbor, though.

Loris said...

Good progress! Reading and providing lap space for the cats should have been on the list :-) Can't think of a more peaceful pastime myself. And yes, biased or not, that a handsome guy!

MOM said...

Wow, that Rose is beautiful. Can't believe you missed it, but sure glad you did.....Connie is so happy with her quilt....Sorry about your neighbors house. I hate hearing stuff like that...Scary!! Is she getting an alarm system since she is gone so much?? Might be a good idea..

Barb said...

Wow, scarey about your the rose!

AnnieO said...

Quilting, cats, relatives, reading and forgotten flowers. Sounds like an interesting end to your 5 days! Sorry about your neighbor's house, glad they didn't find anything they wanted.

Diane H said...

Hope they catch the culprits. Your quilts look great and I love when they include matching pillowcases.
I have cats and a Jack Russell fighting for my lap - makes handwork tough to do.