Sunday, January 13, 2013

I have QADS

Quilting Attention Deficit Syndrome

After I finished the Friendship Triangles quilt I started thinking about my next quilt, I pulled out the fabric and pattern...hmmm, fabric won't work with this pattern, need a different pattern...found a new pattern...No, can't start a new quilt until the Friendship quilt is quilted...thought I had back fabric for it already...hmmm, I have a lot of back fabrics (I keep large amounts of fabric on the cardboard bolt thingies) I should make up the backs and put them with the appropriate quilt so everything will be together...hmmm, don't like the back fabric I had for the Friendship quilt...actually I like it too much to put it on a back I'd rather have it on the front as a focal fabric I wonder if I have any fabrics in my stash that will go with it...I could piece a back out of my scrap flannels....pulled out the bin with the scrap flannels...there's a lot of scraps in this bin...Ohhhh, Mary of NeedledMom is so nice she sent me the paper piece patterns she used for her place the place mats I think I want to make them in, focus, you need a back for the Friendship quilt...hmmm, what quilt did these two back fabrics go to? well I know this fabric goes with this quilt so I'll put the fabric and quilt next the sewing much yardage of this fabric do I have? is it enough for the Hot Pocket quilt?, I got the flannels out I should do something with them first.

See what I mean...I've been going in this circle for the last 3 days.

Most of my quilts have flannel on the back, so I ended up with all of these really long pieces of different widths.  I cleaned up the edges some. I have an idea on how to put these together to make a back.
I also cut out a Turning Twenty quilt (okay, half the fabrics where already cut must have been a past QADS outbreak).
I do have some yardage that I didn't cut up.
Cut some 2.5 inch strips, 10.5 inch squares and some 6.5 inch squares.
Still have a little more in the bin to go through.
Now I have this pile of pieces and parts. I am NOT going to make a flannel scrap quilt.
Anybody want the pieces and parts?
Shoot, I still don't have a back for the Friendship Triangles quilt...maybe I should go shopping...
How did my sewing room get to be such a mess?


Quilt Hollow said...

Hey there...if you look at my last post about scraps there are oodles of quilters willing to pay postage for them.

Cindy said...

Okay, I think you need ONE thing - to start over. LOL

Loris said...

Been there. Done that :-)

AnnieO said...

I just did this same circle with my precut strips and it then kept me out of my sewing room for three days because of the mess! I think a shopping trip IS in order for your Friendship quilt. And thanks for the offer, but I am overflowing with scraps of my own!

Rose said...

Oh, my goodness...this is hilarious....this sounds exactly like me.

I came across this post the other is a little salty but still funny.

Mary said...

Hilarious! That's all I can say.. Were we twins separated at birth?

LesQuilts said...

I think I have QADD too!
I spent yesterday afternoon thinking I could get a few quick projects done, NOTHING went right, wasn't meant to be!
Sarah at this link would LOVE your leftover fabrics, she will use them for charity quilts. She will probably have a sponsor to pay for postage too.
Take care, Leslie