Sunday, March 17, 2013

Wouldn't Tell a Lie

I was hoping to show you a finished quilt...I started out really gung ho then kinda fizzled. Nancy came over to sew today and kicked butt...mine.

I was thinking of stopping at the green sashing but Nancy kicked some more I'll be adding the border fabric. Since it's a stripe I'm going to miter the corners. I haven't added a mitered border in ages, hope I remember how.

If Nancy says she didn't kick any butt...don't believe her...I wouldn't make something like that up.


Needled Mom said...

It looks great too!!!

Loris said...

Yep, that border is going to add something to this quilt. It is going to be wonderful! Nice work!

Michele said...

I love it! That border is going to look great and I'm sure the mitering will come back to you once you get started on it.

Rose said...

I think we all need some butt kicking every now and then....can't wait to see this with the last border. I love that fabric.

LesQuilts said...

Awesome Quilt!
Suggestion, instead of mitering the corners, you could make 4 mini blocks of the quilt blocks you made to add to as corner blocks, will make you border much easier!
or you could make 3 or 4 mini blocks for each side, including a corner, and then add you border to equal the length of the border you need.
Hope this helps!
Take care, Leslie

AnnieO said...

What don't you like about your quilt? I think it looks pretty energetic and vibrant. You know I love the green sashing! Nancy has a great idea tho :)