Sunday, February 16, 2014

Busy With Misc. Odds and Ends

I sewed until 1:00 a.m. this morning...I am a walking zombie today. I remember staying up all night going to the city for dinner, dancing, early breakfast THEN going in to work the next day. What happened?

I had almost as much fun last design floor:

String you can see the diamond. I really like the look of these blocks but I don't like making them...kinda boring...I get impatient and start adding fat strips. Putting them together is going to be a challenge as the blocks stretch...A LOT. I also sewed more strips together for the scrappy trip around the world. Both of these projects are fillers to work on during the week when I only have a few minutes of sewing time.

 Another challenge (and what kept me up until 1 a.m.) is Kim Brackett's Island Chain. You really have to pay attention to block placement with this quilt. You can't tell it very well in this pic but the background fabric is a pale grey print.  This is a double challenge as Nancy, Stephanie and I decided a few months back we were all going to make the same quilt.  Of course Nancy's is already done, quilted and has the binding added.

Last weekend I finished piecing this wall hanging.

 The half squares were left overs from the placemats and table runner I made. It rain all last weekend (YAY! we really need it) so working on this bright quilt was a nice contrast to the gloomy days.


stephanie said...

And, Stephanie hasn't started her Island chain yet.

I like the wall hanging...good colors.

Loris said...

Wow! You go girl :-)
Love your projects. And the strings look great. I'm gonna do that someday too.
Rest up :-)

Needled Mom said...

I LOVE that Island Chain! Great sewing projects.

Mary said...

Were you dreaming last night, or did you really sew?? I like your scrappy diamonds, but I can see how the bias is going to be a bear to sew.

Rose said...

you have been busy!!!! I love them all, do a double love on the Island Chain one. It is just simply gorgeous. And love the bright colors of the last one. I figure with as many crumb quilts as I have made that you know I love the string blocks....

Michele said...

Until one in the morning?? I'd be sewing things to my pants by then if I didn't fall asleep on the sewing machine first! Love those string blocks and island chain too. I have two jelly rolls sitting here waiting for me to use them for Kim's quilt, picnic. She has some great patterns :-)