Friday, March 5, 2010

Is there a cure?

I think I have Quilting ADHD and a compulsion to use up every scrap of a coordinating set of fabrics from previously made quilts.

So I'm suppose to be finishing up the pile on my sewing table...I was putting the rows of the Hot Pocket quilt together, got a little distracted helping Jayme with her wall hanging. Jayme, Mom and Ben left Tuesday (Wow, it's really quiet here now) so I tried to go back to finishing the rows, but I pulled out a flannel that I think with go great with the nine patch blocks left over from my valentine fabric...but I'm not really sure how big the quilt will be and I know I have way too much flannel and the flannel really needs ironing before I cut I put together the 9 patch quilt so I know how much flannel to cut...but there are still left over 2.5 inch squares of the valentine fabric so I made a little candle mat with them ( I'll show both when they are quilted). Where was I? Hot Pocket, putting together rows...Huh? where did this bin of scraps come from, wonder what's in it? Left over fabrics from the bright borders quilt I made...there is a lot of left over fabric bet I could make a cute contemporary quilt out of these, lets find a pattern. Found the perfect pattern, will go together quickly just need to cut a bunch of 4 x 5.5 bricks. Set it on the cutting mat. Oh I wanted to sign up from a Quilt for Kids kit, went online and requested a kit, but I really should make a second from stash - pulled every bright novelty fabric I own out and laid them on the spare bed. Where was I? Scrap bin. Oh, I forgot about all these half squares I made up from the corners of my Pineapple Blooms quilt, how many is there? 194. I should be able to make something with those, lets find a pattern. Found the perfect pattern, put it all on the sewing table. I should cut up these scraps while I digging through this bin but first they need ironing. Spent two evenings cutting up scraps into strips and squares. Found 1.25 x 10 in strings of fabric left over from the trip around the world they would make a cute miniature...found a paper pieced braided miniature quilt pattern that will be perfect, put it all on the sewing table. Wait, I was working on the Hot Pocket quilt. Finished putting all the rows together, need to cut the border fabrics and that done now I need to get them added. Huh? There are two left over squares from when I made a Yellow Brick Road quilt out of woven fabrics and some left over woven I could do something with them, just sew the pieces and parts together then square it all up - got that all done. Two fat 8ths of woven fabric also...they are too dark to go with the rest, I'll cut them into 5 inch squares and make a little table topper.

Wait, where was I? OH! The Hot Pocket quilt! Must focus, must focus, must is done!

This quilt is made with some sewing related fabrics from my stash, the rest is why did I buy that fabric and why did I buy so much of this fabric. At first I didn't like it, but now that it is done I kinda sorta like it. It is about 70 x 75 inches. I will probably quilt it myself once I find a backing fabric for it.

This is the new pile on my sewing table.



Quilt Hollow said...

Oh boy do I ever hear you loud and clear! :-)

SheilaC said...

I have a bunch of things going at the same time too.... hard to decide what to do first :)


Loris said...

Too funny! Yes, we all know what you mean :-) The Hot Cross looks wonderful. Your focus worked!

Loris said...

Oops! I meant Hot Pockets :-)

mom said...

Well, I just came in from working in the yard and after reading this I am tireder (funny looking word) than ever..(maybe it is more tired)..was nice having a beautiful day.....I did a lot of work over Jaymes (front yard) yesterday..........tomorrow is taxes and getting the Toyota fixed. Had a recall notice when we got home........luv

Mistea said...

I am glad you got all those projects organised while you were finishing up your gorgeous quilt top. Now you can just keep sewing whatever takes your fancy.