Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Shopping Experience

Last weekend Stephanie and I went to four new-to-us quilt shops, two in Morgan Hill, one in Gilroy and the last in San Juan Batista, CA. Each store was interesting, each store had different fabrics and patterns and each was a very unique shopping experience.
The first shop was in an old house, not overly large but it had lots of nice fabrics...that's it. We never received an "hello" when we walked in or a "can I help you with anything".  I bought a yard of two different fabrics that I had been looking for. As we left the parking lot, Stephanie and I commented on how unfriendly the sales person (owner?) was, how unusual that was for a quilt shop, and that we wouldn't be in a hurry to return to that shop.
The next shop was a 180 from the first. The owner greeted us when we walked in, knew we were not regular customers and asked where we were from and where were we going. Asked what type of fabrics we liked and what type of quilt patterns we liked, showed us some new to the store fabrics, showed us where the sale fabric was and demo'd a gadget she thought we would like. Plus gave us directions to the next quilt shop we planned to stop at. Stephanie and I both burst into giggles when we left that shop because we were both thinking the same thing - "Great Shop! When can we plan a trip back?" Guess which shop we spent the most money at?
The third shop had just been purchased by a new owner, and from the sounds of it changes are in process...hope so. It was so packed with stuff you could barely move, you couldn't pass a person in the isle, someone had to back up and go around. Fabric bolts were piled on up on other fabric bolts. I did see a few interesting fabrics but didn't feel like digging for them. We didn't spend much time there.
The fourth shop was nice and bright with a variety of fabrics, and the staff was friendly. Another store I wouldn't mind going back to especially since they had some lovely civil war reproduction fabrics.
Then we hit the Gilroy Outlets...what a zoo, that was a whole different shopping experience! Overall a very fun day.
I have been doing more than just shopping. I have one more grey border to add to my solids quilt. This has been very much out of my comfort zone but I really like how it is turning out. I've been calling it my Modern Amish.

And I making progress on Sherri Fall's Monday Mystery.  I have no clue how she is going to pull this all together, I'm dying of curiosity. Tomorrow is part 6, can't wait.


Anonymous said...

I hate shops that aren't friendly. But at same time if they are overly friendly and helpful can be disruptive to shopping.

AnnieO said...

I'm a browser but certainly do want to be acknowledged as existing as a customer!! Terrible customer service that shop had. Love your Modern Amish! Solids can be fascinating to work with!

Loris said...

Hey :-) I was just on that 'road' yesterday...coming back from my friend's house in Dixon. Stopped for egg rolls at the Jack in the Box in Morgan Hill. I'll have to google for quilt shops next time :-)

Rose said...

That sounds like such a fun day...and boy, looks like you have been busy.

I am stuck...started a backing for my little crumbs in the corner quilt...don't like what I have done...not sure what I am going to do next.

Karen said...

I live in santa cruz and the drive is worth it to San Juan Batista for the quilt shop. The people are nice, the selection is good, and the staff are helpful. We then we to Jalisco's for lunch. If you want a lovely lunch that is the place, make sure to eat in the back patio area. We stopped at the clock shop and this very nice man was so helpful, they even repair clocks. Wonderful selection.

Again worth the trip to San Juan Batista, and make sure to walk the town, it is a nice walk.