Monday, August 31, 2015

Making Progress

I've made a dent in the pile of quilting projects.
For both of the embroidery wall hangings I echo quilted the embroidery then "copied" the floral pattern in the border fabric as the border quilting design.

Loopy flowers...and square edged flowers.

Nancy gave me her extra Day Break blocks, I've made table toppers with them and quilted each one a little different.

I love how these turned out. I can't wait to quilt my Day Break quilt...I just have to decide which motifs to use.

The only piecing I did all month was this little table topper...

It's just kinda blah...I really like the original String Ring table mat. It was very fast and easy to make but I think mine is too scrappy (and still needs the rick-rack added). I think I'll try it again using Halloween, orange, purple and tan...I think limiting the number of colors will help.
I've been fighting a (losing) battle of the ants the last couple of weeks. Today I found them in the pantry. I cleaned out the pantry, bug sprayed the bejesus out of it and have had it closed up for about an hour.  Guess I'd better get back to the kitchen and put everything back...I did need to clean out the pantry but not like this. ;o)


Rose said...

You have been so busy...I love the motifs you used on the daybreak blocks. I cannot pick a favorite. Love the other things, too. I did go look at the one with rick rack and I do like it with that. If you think it too blah, try giving it a bright yellow center! I use yellow to try to brighten up my quilt tops a lot. I have such a horrible time with buying and using lights. And I know I need to, and have been trying to make myself buy some, other than the neutral beige ones.

Loris said...

Lovely embroideries! And your quilting is looking really good. I had gotten away from freehanding but I'm getting back in the swing. Will need to do some loopy flowers. They look sweet. Your design choices are perfect.
I haven't seen the dresden table mat before. What a fun idea! You might like it better after the rick rack is added. The Halloween fabric idea is a good one too.

Needled Mom said...

That is such a great way to quilt the embroidery work. It makes the designs really pop.

I LOVE the Day Break toppers. Those look amazing.