Sunday, December 6, 2015

Where'd it go?

I swear it went from October to December.
Below are the placemats I made for my mother and I. She got 6 for her birthday (per her special order) and I got two...for about a week...when she visited at Thanksgiving she informed me she changed her mind and wanted 8 placemats - she knew I had more fabric. She was so pleased when she saw her additional two sitting on my dining table. Now I've not none. :o(
But I do have more fabric, thank goodness I bought 6 yards of that print. ;o)
I did manage to keep these two placemats. Notice the different quilting...the placemat with the loops in the border was my test sample. Then I got in such a grove quilting all the placemats that when I did the top placemat I forgot to quilt loops.  Oh well.

I also finished Tucker...I decided to quilt and bind mine. It was a fun quick project that I can see myself making again. This one has already gone to live with one of my aunts.

Still working on a couple of other projects but they are Christmas gifts so I can't show them yet.

I have a feeling December is going to go by faster than November.


Loris said...

Yes, time is definitely whizzing by us! Your placemats are beautiful. I love the colors and that floral is gorgeous. Smart and lucky that you bought extra :-) I have two more gifts I'm hoping to get sewn up. Hurry, Hurry!

Michele said...

I agree! I blinked and it was December! Nice placemats :-)

Rose said...

I like the simple design of the lets the fabric shine! I really, really love the fabrics in the set of two placemats

I just had to really look at your last quick glance I see three fabrics, possibly four that I have, and another that I have in a different color!