Sunday, June 19, 2016


Wow, it's been over a month since I blogged. Lots of little stuff going on. I sent three quilts out to be quilted. The oriental Refracted quilt - queen sized.

She quilted an all over orange peel.

Scrappy friendship quilt. 

The center is meandered (too dense to do much else), with a serpentine border.

And the rose trellis quilt...

With lots of swirls and leaves.

It's so nice to have these done.When I picked up these three I dropped off three more. I have two more I'm going to send out later this summer - it will be so nice to NOT see a bunch of unfinished quilts hanging in the closet.

I had a sewing get together a few weeks ago. Stephanie working on microwave bowl holders...

and this adorable table runner. If I coulda figured out of way to steal it I woulda. ;o)

Stacy made a BQ2 quilt. I think Nancy was leisurely pinning sets of something together. 

Dawn finished up piecing bento box blocks  - she finish putting the quilt top together before she left.

And I worked on the butterfly quilt which hasn't been touched since the last time we all got together.

Gotta show all the food. There was also lots of stuff in the refrigerator. Nobody wanted dinner that night.

Have to show off my pretty girl.  She is my joy.

 I've done some other odds and ends sewing also but I can't show it yet. With regards to the medallion quilt I've decided to stop being indecisive and go with my original plan. The next row will be the star blocks. I've got about half of them made.

There will be no changing of the mind.


Loris said...

I love the quilt design choices on the quilts you sent out. The quilts look wonderful. I bet that feels great to have those finishes.
Your get together looks like it was fun and productive.
I'm getting distracted with yard work this month so the quilting is not moving along very fast. Pats and head scritches to the kitties :-)

Needled Mom said...

Such nice finishes. Doesn't it feel great to get them off of that unfinished pile?

Ma said...

Hmmm..I may have to change the spare bedroom decor again!! Quilts are beautiful and love the picture of Sidi..... should take it to Costco and they can make a picture from it...hugs

Michele said...

I can see why you haven't blogged! You've been so busy having quilty fun :-)

Rose said...

You have been one busy lady! Beautiful finishes...and the get together looks like fun.

Paige said...

Beautiful work! And I love kitty peaking over! She must be "Overjoyed"!