Monday, January 17, 2011


I finally finished all my Jared Takes a Wife blocks. Now I need to make some decisions. I used the original fabric planned for the sashing corner stones in another quilt.

I like this green (although it looks a bit gray here), but I'd be stealing it from another quilt project. Should I use it or go shopping? Plus I have no idea what to do about the border...not a clue. I really like how the blocks turned out, but I think making the blocks may have been the easiest part.

I while ago I won a ruler at Oh, Fransson! The ruler is a template with Elizabeth's New Wave quilt which I love (It is on my list). There were problems with the mail, and I never received the first ruler she sent. Elizabeth was kind enough to sent out a second ruler...

And a copy of her book! OMG, you should see this book!

Elizabeth's book and her quilts, are very bright and colorful. This would be an excellent book for a beginning quilter as she has including lots of basic how to's shown with even more pictures. The quilt patterns are easy to follow AND she includes instructions to make a pieced back with each quilt pattern.
Thank you Elizabeth!


Michele said...

I think you should go shopping :) You can always use the green if you don't find something else that you like better. Thanks for the information about the book! It sounds great :)

Loris said...

Love the fabrics in 'Jared..'
Nice work!

Anonymous said...

I'm liking JARED!

mom said...

Haven't the foggiest!!

AnnieO said...

I think you should go shopping too :) Good luck with deciding on borders--the blocks look terrific. Love purple and green together, always.

Nice win!