Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm So Excited

I've decided practicing frame and machine quilting on muslin is BORING.

Last Saturday I had my aunt Roberta and Jayme sewing blocks while I ironed and cut (I don't think my aunt has used a sewing machine in 40+ years). I've been piecing backs, making binding and adding borders this past week - I've actually done a little bit of sewing every day this week. I'm excited about quilting again. I now have two panels ready to quilt and three small donation quilts that just need their final borders added.

And I'm really looking forward to putting each quilt/panel on the frame to quilt.

But not this weekend. This weekend I'm going the Pacific International Quilt Show in Santa Clara, CA. I'm so excited. Nancy, Dawn and Stacey are going with me. Stephanie is meeting us there. The girls are gonna have fun! I'll have lots of pictures when I get back.

Have to show pics of the boys...Obba and Fred are my official quilt testers...

Obba testing the softness of one of the donation quilts. Soooo soft flannel charm squares from Moda in nice guy-like tweeds, plaids and herringbone prints. I like petting this flannel as much as I like petting Obba (don't tell him that).

Fred inspecting Nancy's layout of her Kaffe snowball quilt on my design floor, he moved a few around for her.

Sigh, it's so nice living with two handsome helpful guys.


MOM said...

glad to see a new post. Had trouble reading it for awhile, but I finally right clicked on something and everything returned to normal. Has been a while. Obba and Fred are such helpers. You should be so proud!! The donation quilts should be fun... don't forget to post pics..have fun this weekend. Tell all the girls hello and will be looking forward to your pics. HUGS

Michele said...

I can't wait to see the results! Have a great time with the girls at the quilt show :-)

Loris said...

Great idea for getting comfortable with your quilting and those quilts will be appreciated. It is so much nicer when you have a group effort too...your family helping with the sewing and then Obba and Fred to make sure they are pressed :-)
Can't wait to your pictures of the show. Have a wonderful are probably on your way there now!

Mary said...

Looks like those guys know the soft spots. I've always wanted to go to the Pacific show. Can't wait for your review.