Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lucky Me

Annie over at Annie's Quilt Orts recently had a giveaway to celebrate having 100 followers. She decided to pick a 13th name for a second winner - guess who was Lucky 13. Whoo Hoo!

I follow Tonya's blog also and have followed along as she was writing her book and creating some of the quilts in the book. I have really wanted this book.

So do you think I should make this quilt first...

Or should I start simple with this little quilt...

Oh I'm going to have fun with this book. Thank you Annie!!

I finished the panel. This is the back: tension looks good, stitches look even (I am SO glad I got the stitch regulator), and it doesn't look like I quilted rows (which I was really worried about).

The hardest part was the last 4 inches of the quilt.

I'm pleased with the results, but I still need to take more baby steps.


Needled Mom said...

Oh....those words are going to be fun!!!

The quilting looks wonderful. It definitely doesn't look like it was done in rows. I am sure the stitch regulator makes a big difference.

Mom said...

I love the JOY quilt idea..wonder why? Go for it....your quilting on the new machine looks great. Those baby steps get better and better and pretty soon you are walking like a pro! The pics you posted of the quilt show are fantastic....Wow, to have that talent and patience..Admire them all........Thanks

Mary said...

Keep it up! Your quilting looks great.

AnnieO said...

JOY with words, what could be better? Glad the book arrived safely and I look forward to seeing your letters appear :)

Great work on your sample stitching! You're getting the hang of it quite well already I think :)