Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nobody's Home

AnnieO knocked on my blog door a few days ago and I figured I'd better answer before she starts banging on it and yelling at me.

I haven't blogged lately cause I got nothin' quilting, no cute cat pictures, no flowers from the garden pictures, nothin'.

I am swamped at work so I've been working some extra hours, and its Christmas time (Bah Humbug) so I should be shopping cause I've barely made a dent in my list, but once I get home I just want to pretend I'm a potato. What makes it worse is I leave in the morning and it's dark and when I leave work it's dark, it feels like the day is over before I ever make it home.

Okay, that whine party needs to end.

I'm not making any gifts this year. Ha, I haven't touched a sewing machine (other than to move it) for over a month. I did a major clean up of my sewing room a week ago and rearranged a few things (does dumping a bunch of stuff to into another room count as cleaning up?). I've had time to sew but I have chosen not to, not procrastinated until the time was gone, but actually chosen not to sew.

Hmmm...that almost sounds like another whine party.

I have been going to bed early and reading. I've found a new author I like: Charlaine Harris. I've read all of her Shakespeare series and have started the Sookie Stackhouse series. I'm almost done with the first book in the series:

Easy quick read, suspenseful enough but not so bad that I can't read it before turning out the light at night, and just a touch risque.

Annie, is it okay that I've answered the door in my pajamas and haven't brushed my teeth yet? I promise I'll take a shower and put on some makeup the next time you visit.


AnnieO said...

Well, I'll give you a "bye" this round...but next time I expect that promised shower :)

I'm impressed that you cleaned up your sewing room (dumping into other rooms counts, I think!)

Sorry your job is keeping you too busy and exhausted to even want to play with fabric, but I understand an author obsession. Sometimes all I want to do when I get home late from work (6:30-7 pm all too frequently for me lately) is eat chocolate, climb into my pajamas and then into bed. But the shortest day of the year is nearly here so we can celebrate that!

Thanks for answering the door :)

Mary said...

I love a good whine!

Michele said...

I've been doing some reading too. It seems like I always do this time of year. I got a few seasonal mysteries on my ereader. Too bad about being swamped at work. I hope it gets lighter for you soon. Have a nice week!

Karen said...

I have noticed that lately I have not had the feeling to sew. THen I turn on a bunch of lights and I feel like sewing. And I too have been reading more lately. During the "dark times" (cannot wait til time change) I have to make more of an effort to achieve tasks.
Hang in there, and do what feels good, you deserve it.