Sunday, March 25, 2012

Any Suggestions?

I put a quilt on the frame over a month ago, I had some tension problems so I stopped and walked away from it. Today I went back, hoping I'd be able to finish the quilt. No such luck.

I tried re-threading it, making sure everything is level, put in a different bobbin, new needle, reduced the presser foot level, and adjusted the tension. It's better, but still not good. Any suggestions?

I'm going to take the quilt off the frame and put practice muslin on.

I have gotten the cutting done for the 9-patches I'll cut in half for the civil war blocks. 25 dark and 25 lights. Putting these together should keep me busy for a bit.

I made these miniature silk ribbon Baltimore album block years and years go. I know I'm not going to make more so I'd like to do something these four blocks.
Any suggestions?


Pat said...

I guess you don't want a wall-hanging with the 4 blocks. What about making a set of 4 toss pillow covers using them? I also know people who have used two nice blocks on either side of a tote bag, but I think you put too much work in them to use them that way! Be sure to let us know what you decide. I hope you figure out your long-arm problem. I have no experience with that, so can't even offer any suggestions.

Anonymous said...

Tension woes...I've had them! Since you have tried so many things try a whole different spool of thread. Seriously. I hear of this culprit a lot and each machine has its own personality when it comes to threads.

Needled Mom said...

I can't help much on the tension problems, but I love the blocks. I guess I would either make a pillow or a small wall hanging with them.

AnnieO said...

Is your needle in the right way? Recently another long armer posted that she was having a lot of trouble and that turned out to be the problem. You probably already tried that. Anyway, love the blocks and think they would make a wonderful tablerunner or tabletopper.

Loris said...

Great idea to load some muslin to work this out. Also, join this Yahoo group
Post some questions there and you can get some specific help...maybe even from someone who owns your same machine.

Rose said...

I have a Juki but don't have it on a frame. Do you belong to the Yahoo Juki group?

A couple things to check are is your pressure foot up when you thread the machine and is it down when you sew?

Then when the Juki is on the frame, I know some people have problems with tension when their quilt is too close or too far away from the bed but I cannot remember which.

If you don't belong to the group, I am not sure if you can access the files, but in the files there is a document on problems. It is second from the bottom.

Also, have you changed sizes, type of needle and thread. My machine does not like to FMQ with Coats and Clark thread but have heard others say theirs does fine. Other than that, I usually don't have any problems.

Mary said...

I have a Juki on a small frame. It acts up when I don't use Aurifil thread. Also, it likes pre-wound bobbins the best.