Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hello, my name...

is Joy and I'm a Dollar Store addict...

Another addiction, Sudoku puzzles. Dell $2.99 per book, DS $1 per book.

Hair ties 20 for $1. The box holding them 2 for a $1.

I don't know was cute, soft and only $1.

Essential items for UFOs, sometimes 2 for $1.

Essential item for really messy eaters (Obba), $1.

Another I don't know why, but they brighten my blah winter yard, $1 each.

One of my few attempts to get organized, 2 (or was it 3) for $1.

These are my mother's fault, she bought the first 3. I had to hunt down the Easter ones, $1 each plus gas.

I dispense so many different drugs around here I should be a pharmacist. Fred's pill holder $1.

I also have another addiction to boxes and baskets...$1 each.

Mmmm, maybe I should change that to compulsive spending addict. Sigh.


Needled Mom said...

That is an addicting store!!!

mom said...

You have now completely confirmed it. YOU ARE MY DAUGHTER!! What a shopper.....and I don't mind being blamed for the solar cuties. Can't wait to see them.....x0x0x0

Mary said...

LOL You have a problem and you have admitted it!!

AnnieO said...

I seldom go to dollar stores for just this reason!!!! A shopping ban is in place around here--there is just too much stuff and we are going to have to shift it ALL to get new carpeting upstairs. So not ONE more thing needs to come in (for a while!)

Denise :) said...

I *loved* the comment from your mom!! Dollar Store shopping is fun! Plus, it's the closest store (by about ten miles) we have ... that makes a difference in these high dollar gas days!! :)