Sunday, June 17, 2012

102 Degrees Today

Nothing new or exciting going on here...just trying to stay cool this weekend. I've been doing some odds and ends type sewing for the last few weeks. Finish putting together the first quadrant of my friendship triangles quilt. I've laid out the second quadrant.
I finished quilting this little wall hanging (finally). This is the first time I've quilted pebbles. It is a very intense process.
Just this little bit took almost a whole spool of thread.
I loaded another practice quilt on the frame. I finished quilting it with no problems - I have no idea what I did differently, but I did not have any tension problems. No pictures. I got the binding sewn on it yesterday.
A bunch of us got together yesterday to sew. I worked on binding, hemming, and a little bit of piecing on a quilting that has been in the works for over three years (poor thing gets worked on one day a year). I also cut out a new quilt last I really needed to start another quilt. The new quilt is going to be fast, fun and easy, I haven't made one of those in long time.


Diane H said...

Wow, your quilting looks fantastic.
Your friendship triangles remind me to get back to an hst quilt that is waiting for me to get back to.

Needled Mom said...

I can imagine how much thread is involved with the pebbles, but it looks fantastic.

You can send some of your heat our way. We are still waiting for summer here. They call it June Gloom and now they are predicting a "No Sky July" for us too. ;(

AnnieO said...

Love the triangles! I've wanted to try pebbles but have hesitated because of that intensity you mention--a small project like this is probably a good place to start! Glad your machine is behaving. My DD#2 came for the weekend from AZ and was thrilled that it was 40 degrees cooler and nearly misting from our June Gloom. I'm glad we live 5 miles from the beach so at least when I get home from work there is usually sunshine here.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes loosening quilt on frame helps that tension problem. Perhaps this last one was loose/better. Lovely quilting!

Mary said...

Your pebble quilting is amazing!