Sunday, April 14, 2013


I've been wanting to make these place mats ever since I saw them on Needled Mom's blog.  Mary was kind enough to share the paper pieced patterns and let me copy her design.

With the darker focal fabric (so much for making them in pink) I wanted less white so I created a paper pieced pot to fill in the space. Now to get them quilted.

Want to know a really good method to keep yourself from buy new fabric? Reorganize what you have!  Some how my fabric has gotten spread out all over the place so this weekend I've been sorting and regrouping my stash.  I'm only half done. OMG, slap my hand if I pull my wallet out to buy new fabric. LOL...wonder how long that attitude will last. Next weekend is Quilt Rush, Nancy, Stephanie and I are planning a road trip to hit at least five stores. I'm thinking my attitude won't last long.


Loris said...

Love your new placemats! Have fun with the quilting. They will make a table setting special.
Good luck with the shopping tour...while trying to not buy more :-) I'm already trying to talk myself into not spending so much at PIQF and that isn't for several months!

Needled Mom said...

Those are darling and I LOVE the flower pots!!!! I'll bet they look great on the table too.

Mary said...

I think your attitude has already changed!

Rose said...

Those are just so pretty...if you are like me, your attitude will only last till the next opportunity arrives to buy fabric.

AnnieO said...

Very pretty! Enjoy :) I need to make some placemats too. We often host the family dinners here so I'll need to make at least 10 :)