Sunday, April 21, 2013

Quilt Rush

Day One

I picked up the "I shouldn't be doing this, very guilty" Karen and began the journey. We meet up the with the "I can't believe we're doing this" Stephanie in Stockton and the shopping began.

Store 1 - Quilters Quarter, Stockton - no purchases.
Store 2 - Country Sewing Center, Elk Grove - won a fat quarter of my choice, ordered an open toe free motion foot for the Juki.
Store 3 - Quilters Corner, Sacramento - one pattern and a lot of restraint, this shop has wonderful reproduction fabrics.
Store 4 - Thistle Dew, Fair Oaks - no purchases. Oops, the elusive Karen eluted us, it was so much fun having her join us the first day.
Store 5 - Fabric Garden, Sacramento - 5 fat quarters for $5 and two patterns.

Approximately 119 miles round trip - minor damage to the credit card.

Day Two

The day starts at a ridiculous hour of the morning. The "Boy do I need a girl's road trip" Nancy has joined "Wow, we really did make it to five stores yesterday" Stephanie and we are driving...and driving...and driving.  Finally we arrive in paradise...Paradise, CA that is.

Store 6 - Morning Star Quilts, Paradise - no purchases.
Store 7 - Debbie's Quilt Shop, Paradise - three yards of a wonderful reproduction print.
Store 8 - Rabbit Hole, Chico - no purchases
Store 9 - Cloth Carousel, Willows - oops, I thought this shop was in Colusa good thing we double checked the address - one yard of fabric, one pattern.
Store 10 - Sew So Shop, Yuba City - no purchases by me, we won't talk about Nancy.
Store 11 - Sugar Pine Quilt Shop, Grass Valley - one pattern.
Store 12 - Whistle Stop Quilt and Sew, Auburn - no purchases.
Store A - Angel Quilters, Lincoln - 9 yards of an amazing cheap inexpensive, perfect back fabric for the refracted oriental quilt
Store B - Sew Katie Jean, Lincoln - two charm packs of Moda Solids.

Wait a minute store A and B???? Yes, we actually managed to hit two stores that were not in the Quilt Rush. NINE stores in one day! 306 miles and one tired, almost grumpy driver.

Day Three

"You talked me into it" Nancy and "I'm ready to go home" Stephanie started without me. After filling up the car with gas "Lead foot, don't look at the speed dial" Joy arrived at the first shop within 5 minutes of "we already bought fabric and are ready to go" Nancy and Stephanie.

Store 13 - Cloth Carousel, Winters - barely got in the store, no purchases.
Vacaville Outlets, Vacaville - Oops how did that get in here.
Store 14 - Quilted Heart, Vacaville - no purchases.
Store 15 - Cornerstone Quilt Shoppe, Fairfield - two yards of clearance, extra wide backing fabric.

Approximately 140 miles round trip.

Wow! I can't believe "Can we really do all 15 stores" Stephanie and I managed to get to all the Quilt Rush stores and my credit card hasn't been revoked by the bank. It was a long three days, but it was also very fun, largely due to spending time with my great friends.

Wanna see the loot?


Loris said...

Love your loot :-) You showed great restraint and maturity!
I bet it was fun...and now you need a rest.
I visit a friend up in Dixon. May have to check out the Vacaville quilt stores sometime...I have been to the outlets there too :-)

Michele said...


Cindy said...

You got some serious fun there.

Rose said...

Oh, that sounds like fun, but however did you do all those shops?!?! What a wonderful job you did on your spending...what you got is not much when thinking of all the shops you went to. Once in a blue moon I can walk in and out of a quilt shop without buying something, but not often.

Kathie said...

sounds like such a fun time with friends.
thats a lot of quilt shops!!!
did you have favorites?