Sunday, May 19, 2013

Nothing New

Not much going on here...I have very slowly (very very very slowly) been moving stuff from this pile:

Over to here:

 Then to this pile:

With a little of this thrown in:

Ran out of bobbin thread... a week ago... haven't touched it since... practicing is sooooo boring... but I really want to learn this pattern... sigh.


Michele said...

I know where you're coming from :-) The muslin on my frame looks about the same......the same as it has looked for a few weeks LOL!!

Mary said...

You are so funny. At least you practice!!

Loris said...

yes, good for you getting in the practice....could never stand the idea either :-/ Love the little quilts and the beautiful cat :-)

Rose said...

At least you are doing something...I need to either go get a batting or order one...and need a backing for my latest quilt top.

I see you have a helper....what would we do without them?