Monday, June 24, 2013

Still Nothing New

So all the little UFOs are quilted and have the binding machine sewn on. I'm very slowly finishing the hand sewing on the binding. Riding the bus is the perfect time to work on binding.

Now I'm working on the binding of the big UFOs. So I'm very very slowly moving quilts from this pile...

Over to here...boogers, ran out of binding. I had bits and pieces of the border fabric left over. Hopefully it will be enough.

Then to this pile...

Hmmmm... there is something wrong with this picture, shouldn't there be something finished?


Loris said...

Yes, it's time to treat yourself to more piecing :-) I get stalled like that when I've pushed for finishes and need to set out something else to start or progress on.
Nice picture of your pile of finishes :-)

Rose said...

I wish I had all those finishes under my belt!

Kathie said...

bindings is just something I have let go this past year.
I need to just sit and do them
I hope you have enough to finish your binding
looks like a great quilt