Sunday, July 7, 2013

Finally Busy

I went to visit my mom last weekend hoping to get away from the heat; it didn't work. While it was cooler (103-108 at home, 96-102 at my mom's) it was still too hot to do much more than sew.

I started a new project...and almost finished it.

Don't worry I didn't neglect my mom...

She was right behind me working on her own project...she has been making a bazillion of these little wallets. 

Check out her sewing space. An old treadle coffin sewing machine cabinet. The original sewing machine is gone, her Elna is under the cover.

Her sewing machine foot pedal propped up on the treadle pedal makes me giggle.


Loris said...

Gorgeous colors in your new quilt!
I purchased the treadle I have (long ago) for the same use your mom is giving hers. This was back in 1980 and all the sewing tables I found were ugly and made of particle board...and priced the same as the treadle I purchased.
Hope it is cooling down for you!

AnnieO said...

Egads, yes, that is still too hot to do anything! Glad you were busy and sewing with your mom. What is she doing with all those wallets? I like the treadle pedal rest too :)

Needled Mom said...

Every degree helps!!! I love the colors in your blocks. Very nice.

Rose said...

I like what you have started! Like your mom's sewing set-up, too. Thankfully, we have not seen that kind of heat so far...hoping we don't at all....not even once if left to me.