Friday, September 6, 2013


I changed up the spare bedroom a bit...removed the foot board from the bed, switched out the side tables, got rid of the rocking chair AND changed the bedding! New sheets, new dust ruffle, new shams and a quilt that looks like it was custom made for the bed.

Love it!

Okay, love the bedding...the walls need some pictures and none of the furniture matches. I'm going to try painting one of the side tables. If that works out then I'm going to paint everything else (except the headboard).

Grey kitties are NOT allowed in the spare bedroom.


Mary said...

What a pretty cheerful quilt.. Perfect for a guest room!

Rose said...

Oh, such a pretty quilt...I should mark this for inspiration...I think my older daughter could use a quilt like this. Of course, I think that for a lot of quilts.

Loris said...

The quilt looks perfect in there. The room looks peaceful but I don't might need a cat :-)