Monday, September 16, 2013

Here Kitty Kitty

I have three new kitties.

This guy likes to nap in the sun...

This kitty was a gift from Nancy, she likes to chase the butterflies that land on the verbena.

This cute little plate was a gift from Rose, these little kitties like playing in the sand. Rose made the plate - she decoupaged the cute kitty fabric to the glass plate. Love it.

And then there is this cute little kitty, aka psycho-Siddi...she's not new, but so rare stays still that I had to post a picture.

Can you tell I haven't been doing any quilting?


Needled Mom said...

It looks like there are lots of lazy kitties there!

Mary said...

Those look like the only kitties I will ever have!

Rose said...

I need to get some cat figurines...Siddi is sure pretty.

We passed a sign today that said Free Kittens...but I just do not need any more.