Sunday, October 6, 2013

A friend of mine is going to be a grandma for the first time ... hmmm by now she should be a grandma - the doctor was going to induce labor last Friday since the mama-to-be is two weeks late. I made a "grandma" quilt.

Soft flannels on the front and back. The pattern is Atkinson Designs Yellow Brick Road (all time fav). The fat quarters were a little on the skimpy side so I added in some flannel scraps I already had to make up the extra pieces and parts.
(Nancy is my official quilt holder - forgot to crop the pic - cute socks Nan)
I quilted it with double hearts and loops.
I also finished up Sherri Falls Mystery Monday wall hanging. This was so much fun to make. I've wanted to make a fall wall hanging for ages.
I feel like that big area above the small pumpkin needs something...would it look okay if I embroidered "fall" or "autumn" or a couple of leaves in that area?


Needled Mom said...

The Grandma quilt is lovely and so is the autumn one. I think the embroidery would fill the space nicely.

Mary said...

I agree. It needs something in that spot and a bit of embroidery would be perfect!

Ma said...

Momma thinks it is perfect. The space brings all the other parts together without looking cluttered. Didn't say that too well..Stand back and look at it. I love the wall hanging..If you want to add something I would pin something on it first to see how you like it.

Rose said...

Love the baby quilt...didn't notice the space till you mentioned it and then I think yes, it definitely needs something. I think anything would look good there that was fallish.

Rose said...

I hope nothing is wrong in your has been a long time since you have posted anything.