Monday, January 27, 2014

Hello, My Name is Joyful Quilter...

... and I am a terrible blogger...when you haven't blogged for such a long time it's hard to break the ice and post again so let's pretend I haven't been gone for four months.

I recent made a set of place mats and a table runner as a gift.  I wish I had more of this fabric, I'd love to make a quilt with this pattern. I found the pattern tutorial on The Crafty Quilter's blog.

I have a new toy. If you are thinking of getting a new sewing machine January is the time to buy. Our local sewing machine shop was clearing out floor models and classroom machines...they discounted the machines 60-70%.  SCORE!

I'm a little late jumping on the scrappy trip around the world bandwagon...

...and (you can't tell it yet) diamond strings.  Literally from my scrap bag, one of three.

 These were so much fun to make, I need to dig out the other two scrap bags.


Mary said...

Don't feel bad about not blogging. It's been seven months for me.
Your placemats are beautiful. I am on my third Scrappy Trip. I love making quilts from just my scraps!

Needled Mom said...

Isn't blogging suppose to be a no guilt adventure?

Your placemats are gorgeous as is that new machine! I have always wanted to do the scrappy trip too. Yours looks great.

Loris said...

Love the placemats and the new machine! How fun that must be to play with :-)
I have some ice picking to do with my blog too. I haven't even hardly sewn since November. But I think this week it will get back to regular programming again :-) as I have a few days off. yeah!

Rose said...

Oh, it is so good to see this post! You have sure been busy. I love the placemats and tablerunner...and of course, love the scrappy blocks and string blocks.

Got a there anything you don't like about your Janome? I have never heard a single bad word about them. I have been wanting a machine for upstairs. I really, really love my Juki and want another of them...but have also considered Janome.

The plus about the Janome is at least there is a dealer within driving distance.

If there was a Juki dealer within an hour or two's drive, I'd probably stick to Juki.

And I may ask you this , and never get another machine at all.

Mom said...

Yea, welcome back. Em is going to love the rest of her placemats.

Michele said...

Congrats on your new machine :-) What a find!