Monday, September 7, 2015

Much Better

The blah wedge table topper is no longer blah. I liked Rose's suggestion to use yellow in the center and found a small piece that match one of the fabrics in the wedges (makes all the yellow really pop out)...then I lightly stuffed it and button tufted it.

And now I love it! I think it looks very vintage.

I still made the Halloween version but I used a fabric design I found here. Fewer fabrics (all stash), quilted with binding and it only took a day to make. Plus bonus points...its done BEFORE Halloween. Now I need to make one for Christmas.

Beverly's (a local, smaller version of Joann's who carries high quality designer quilt fabrics) had a big sale this Labor Day weekend.  I was weak...very weak...and doing a bit of a happy dance.

Over 17 yards of fabric for $64 (including tax)! Most of it was only $2.97 a yard and wonderful, pretty Marcus Brothers fabrics! Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know...I need fabric like I need a hole in my head but remember I'm weak. ;o)



Rose said...

I love how you done that, and that center! I cannot tell if it is an applique or a button. I love that...and I give you an A+++ for finishing the Halloween one before Halloween. And I am telling you, looking at your new fabric--I think we could shop each other's stash and find stuff we loved. I love all of them...

AnnieO said...

Darling tuffet! I like the yellow.
Oh how I miss Beverly fabrics. The thrift store that took over the spot isn't my idea of a fair replacement!