Monday, January 25, 2016

What's a Girl to Do

When the circuit breaker blows half way through your vacuuming and the breaker won't reset? When you finally get a clear sunny day so you can admire the dandelion patches growing all round the house? A smart girl would call an electrician. A really smart girl would go outside, bask in the sun and pull weeds.

What did I do?

I put the half square triangle border on the medallion quilt twice - wrong. FYI, 26/2 equals 13, not 12. Yes, I got A's in college calculus but I obviously can't do remedial math. 

But I did get 12 on two sides. Huh? When I tried to put the third side on there was no way it was going to fit and green blocks on each side were facing different directions.

So I took it apart, took the strip apart, and started over. How does a person get 13 blocks on one side, 14 on another and FIFTEEN on a third? AND THE GREEN TRIANGLES ARE STILL GOING THE WRONG WAY ON ONE SIDE!!

And contrary to popular belief there was no wine involved.

I guess it is true, the third times the charm.

Good thing I'm really liking how this quilt is turning out or it would probably be in the trash.


AnnieO said...

Quilt MATH. It's different from other math. Not your fault! Looks great!

Loris said...

Well, extra points for persistence. It paid off :-)
Those borders do look a bit challenging but they sure add interest. I think it would have taken me more than 3 times!
I'm still getting an 'undeliverable' message when I try to send you an email directly. I'm wondering if it's my side of the computer and not yours. I'll have my DH check it out with me. I'm hoping to make my iron caddy today if I can make up my mind about which fabric to use! It's the perfect spot to use something cute :-)

Needled Mom said...

Lol! I think we can all relate.

Rose said...

I like what AnnieO said...LOL The quilt top for daughter's Lotus...I have made more mistakes on it than I have in my entire life of sewing. I am talking some serious mistakes. Got one whole row together--WRONG. Every seam had to come out. I forget how many seams that make. I told part on my blog, but I did not tell that when resewing them together, I managed to sew one wrong, one more time!

Rose said...

I realized later that I left without saying this is worth the effort...very pretty.