Monday, February 8, 2016

What's a Girl to Do?

Well in my case, it appears the answer to screwing up a project multiple times is to start three new ones.

I've started Barbara Brackman's new block of the month Westering Women. I'm not doing it scrappy or in period fabrics - I'm using Snowbird, an older line by Moda designed by Edyta Sitar. I have a limited amount of fabric so I may not do all the blocks.

I also started Temecula Quilt Company's block of the week Circa 2016. This one I am making very scrappy using lots of reproduction scraps.

Do you ever have left over blocks from one quilt that just seem to always get in your way? Like they are DEMANDING to be used right now! That's what was happening with these left over green and cream half square blocks. I'm making a simple, small lap quilt with them using a very old floral fabric for the border. I think the floral adds a little colorful punch to a possibly boring quilt.

I'm still working on the medallion quilt. I've decides on the next two pieced borders, although I think I've already messed up the math on the first one...luckily there is still time to fix it. ;o)



Needled Mom said...

Those are great blocks! THAT'S what a girl should do!!!

Loris said...

It really is fun to sew up blocks like this. I particularly like your Temecula blocks. You will have some lovely finishes with them.

Rose said...

I admire that you are using the blocks...I need to take a leaf from your book and get some of mine sewn together.

As to the messing up, maybe I have rubbed off on you!

Oh, I like the blocks that you have done in scrappy, and like the one done with Moda...