Monday, June 21, 2010

Totally Missed It

I missed the Friday Night Sew-In, totally missed it. What was I doing? Well I'm looking for a new sofa and stopped by one store to check out what they had but the real culprit was this book.

Carol O'Connell is one of my favorite authors. She writes very suspenseful murder stories, lots of suspense and not a lot of blood and guts, perfect for me.

Finishing the book took part of Friday night and most of Saturday. Which left Saturday night and Sunday...did I do any quilting? Nope.

My stash used to be fairly organized, but the last few years after I pulled half of it out to find the perfect fabric for a project I've just stuffed everything back where I could find space. The last few months I've been going through all of my non-project designated fabric (stash) then ironing, refolding and sorting by yardage. I have one drawer left to do. Until Saturday everything was stacked in neat piles on the dresser, the bed, and the floor of a spare bedroom. I'm having family visit soon so Saturday and Sunday I put all the fabric away... it is amazing how much more space neat, organized fabric takes. It was the old domino make room for the fabric I had to clean the sewing room, to clean the sewing room I first had to be able to walk into it which meant picking up the piles of sewing machines, batting, books, patterns, cat toys, shoes and scraps all over the floor. When I was finally able to walk in I found the computer desk and the pile of (insert word of choice) I have been dumping on it, so it had to cleared and cleaned also. Sunday night everything was picked up, put away and cleaned, but no sewing occurred.

I did start another book.


Loris said...

Well, that could count for sewing prep :-) Nice work. It will pave the way for some happy sewing!

Mary said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhh! A quilter after my own heart! Did you know there are some quilters, (unlike us) that actually pick up after every project? Who are they? And where did they come from?

AnnieO said...

It's so hard to dig out, isn't it? I'm trying to keep my sewing room as clutter free as I can, but there are times I can't see my cutting table and I can't iron anything because I've stacked too much stuff on the ironing board. That was the problem last night so I went to bed early and read magazines my mom left for me!